November 10


Article: What the Red Light District Can Teach You About Sales

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc. Red Light District of Amsterdam teaches sales lessons to business owners.
The Red Light District of Amsterdam can teach everyone moral and valuable sales lessons!

Sales Lessons from the Women
of Amsterdam’s
Red Light District

What? Red Light District sales techniques for Business’s to adopt? YEP!

This article’s title has much more edge than the article itself! I encourage you to look past the article’s title –  just for a short moment, because there are some great points that the author, Jay Steinfeld makes about his visit and observation to Amsterdam.

This article mentions 6 points, observed while in the red light district, to assist anyone with the customer service of current customers as well as potential customers. I especially think #3 isn’t used enough by business owners! Do you agreed?

I found this article valuable and worthy to share with you because it doesn’t matter what your business is the application of the practical tips will assist you greatly!

As you know, I love noticing the business lesson which presents itself in any aspect of our lives. Mine favorite is the movies. So I just loved reading how this unique and unusual experience is so eloquently converted to powerful business lessons for all us to apply!  Good job Jay!

Moral Sales Lessons from Amsterdam’s Red Light District:

Love to see your comments on Jeff Steinfeld’s article:

If you had to create a sales training class what are the points you’d include?

I’d add: Remember to ask for the sale! I see too many business owners do all the work and then, nothing! They don’t ask for the business. I always wonder what this is about? One of my theories is they don’t have confidence in what they are serving up or their capability to deliver it successfully.  What’s your thoughts?

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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
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