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Performance: Make Action Now

                            Performance: Make Action Now

Performance requires action
Performance requires action

How many times do you procrastinate?
Does it feel like things are stalled for you?
Is your performance about the future or past?

Performance, by nature is about the past. Measuring success or your learning curve is always hindsight. It’s like driving a car; not only do you need to look ahead (forecasting and predicting), you also need to look behind (noticing from where you came), as well as your dashboard to understand your current performance (to make adjustment for the ahead ride to be favorable).

Is Procrastination Stalling Your Performance?

Admit it. We procrastinate. At times procrastination may serve you – the rain clouds may move out so you can do your run and stay dry. Yet, when procrastination leads to non-action there is a problem!

Henry Ford stated, “You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” I agree with him. This one is smacking me in the face as I’m doing a shift with my business development. It would be much easier to place all my efforts into the future, but I still must keep serving with all the offerings I have already created. Don’t worry, they aren’t going away- just being re-aligned with the new vision.

Is Your Performance Stalled?

I met with a former client last week. He wanted to connect because he was finally ready to make his new business concept rock. This was great new considering it was stalled for about a year. He didn’t know what to do next, but knew it was time to move into action. Yay! So I posed a few questions and he is back on track. The key to doing activities like this is making sure you have the proper sequence of what you need to do to support your success. Too often people try things that are necessary to improve performance, but if they are out of the optimizing sequence, then won’t provide the performance results they are seeking.

First identify if you performance is stalled. Then, find someone who has already done what you are looking to accomplish.

Where Is Your Performance Hanging Out?

Is your performance all about the past? Sure it is! But what helps you create an improved performance of the future? Action, right now! Poet Dante Alighieri gives us a clue, “The secret to getting things done is to act!” I couldn’t agree more 🙂  So what you are planning to do differently? What actions are you ready to live into? Take a moment to move into action and create less stress to contend with today. Then repeat this… just a little bit more each day!  You’ll be back in right action in no time 🙂

Maggie’s curious: Is your performance stalled? What are you going to do next? Please feel free to share in the comment section so we can learn from each other! Mine: consistently meeting new people 🙂


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  1. HI Maggie….

    Has anyone linked procrastination with resistance?

    I have been noticing lately all of the resistance I have to really coming out with my gifts. I have a to do list and I am always busy but it appears that I am not doing the most important 20%. I seem to waste time doing the 80% that has less value. I never saw it as procrastination because it is more subtle and less obvious.

    I would love your thoughts on that.


    1. Procrastination and resistance… interesting. We seem to resist for many different reasons. When we resist, we create excuses. Excuse come in many forms: illness, injury, busy schedule, interruptions. All this is a disruption from what you had planned. We set up roadblocks so we do what we really don’t want to do, regardless of what our mouth is saying… Procrastination (whether consciously or unconsciously) will keep you from succeeding. Which do you want more… doing the procrastination or celebrating the accomplishment? You behave as you have chosen.

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