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Minimize activities for the right reasons

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Why should you work to minimize activities for your business?

Minimize activities for
the right reasons

Small Business Owners can and should minimize activities and slow down for the right reasons. Do you have an idea of what some of the right reasons may be? Even if you don’t, you’re probably saying, “Wow, that’s me!

There are many reasons; however, the fact that you are a human be-ing instead of a human do-ing is the primary reason. Why? When we forget that we are not robots, which are able to function non-stop, we exhaust ourselves.

What comes next isn’t pretty at all. Can you relate?

You are the most important asset YOUR Business has. Without you functioning optimally, YOUR Business’s Performance will be minimized.

Overworked, good work ethic, or workaholic?

On my worst day my productivity levels are strong. Yes, I have workaholic tendencies – moving far beyond a good work ethic. Admittedly, this girl was one for a long time. I’ve addressed this before many times in different blogposts throughout the years.

I come from a family who has an excellent work ethic. Corporate competition supported my strength (or weakness) really well. It fed it so well – sometimes almost around the clock!

What broke it? Riding a Harley! Immediately I went from one extreme to the other. Eventually, I found balance.

Balancing everything is the key. This is why I’m very tight on my planning and calendaring. As much as I practice creating enough space or cushion for slowing down it seems to get filled-up more and more these days.

There’s just so many good things happening! Do you experience this too? Many Small Business Owners (SBOs) are sharing with me they can’t get a handle on their schedule at all.

Are you a Small Business Owner grappling with functioning at a human pace?

SBOs, you are human. Humans have some limitations. (I try to prove this one wrong all the time with my own schedule and then must surrender back into the reality of this!) 

What are the right reasons to minimize activities?

  • Accepting human limitations
  • Being with family and friends
  • Rejuvenating your mind
  • Resting your body (taking breaks)
  • Adjusting your attitude
  • Gaining clarity
  • Remembering to practice balancing more
  • Providing new adventures for your mind to be fascinated
  • Getting the amount of sleep you require
  • Activities which are progressing you on your path!

Wow, I could keep writing, but let’s stop at 10 Right Reasons to Slow Down. We all know these things. Heck, I’ve been blogging, writing, and training on these things for over 15 years.

BIG TIP: It’s not the knowing, it’s the application of this information that matters! 

BIG QUESTION: How are you going to improve YOUR Business’s Success capability by implementing one of the 10 Right Reasons to Slow Down?

Minimize Activities Action Item:

  1. Select one of the Right Reasons.
  2. Customize it to your preference – use your lingo.
  3. Create a very simple plan to see great results.
  4. Do your plan.
  5. Assess your progress.
  6. Remove/minimize negative triggers.
  7. Adjust your actions.
  8. Celebrate your success.
  9. Repeat with a different Right Reason.

When we minimize the excess activities, we can focus on the right activities. We often here this a different way to manage our life, “If you say no to one thing, you can say yes to yourself.”  

Business Success Secret: There is no one size fits all. This is you customizing what you need to achieve!

Creating boundaries is healthy. Create good boundaries for YOUR Business’s Success by understanding the power of simplifying all your activities and minimizing them to what truly works best for you. Only you can make this happen for yourself and YOUR Business.

Which of the 10 Right Reasons are your going to start with? Feel free to share what’s going to give you great impact in the comment section.  

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