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Balancing Summertime Play and Work

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Are you Balancing Summertime Play & Work? Your Business will appreciate you more if you do!

Balancing Summertime Play and Work

As we’re wrapping up our summertime play in the northern hemisphere, I have a question for you, “Have you been balancing summertime play and work?” I assure you, this is essential for building a successful business.

Ready for this? I haven’t at all this year. I’ve been crushing several new projects – almost all behind the scenes stuff for the business’s next quantum leap!

I know, I’m breaking my own rule, right? Yes, I am. It’s intentional. Why? To create a better balancing act long term. 

Balancing Summertime May Look Different for Some SBOs:

Earlier this year I soft-launched a Weekly Membership Site, “Simplify Small Business Success“. I has many moving parts: it has a weekly training via video, hand-outs, and resources along with practical and tactical action items for you easily to apply to your business within the week – each week. With each week I’m on my mastery path of improving it – good learning curve.

In November 2017, yours truly and a team of vetted Practicing Experts are launching a book: Brilliant Breakthroughs for The Small Business Owner: Fresh Perspective on Profitability, People, Productivity, and Finding Peace In Your Business. Another new and amazing major effort, but all worth it! (I’ll be talking more about this next week.)

I just launched an offering I’ve delivered before and worked all the kinks out: “Brilliant Blogging for Small Business Visibility”. I’m doing three rounds for this on demand 10 week Case Study. The first is for Authors. The other two are for Small Business Owners who want have years shaved off their learning curve so they can blog brilliantly. Another great project adding more video to the previous versions.

And I have another project launching soon, “Small B.O.S.S. Round Table”. The BOSS is an acronym for Business Owners Simplifying Success. This is a different case study which will be done in smaller intimate Groups of Small Business Owners there will be in-person options and online options.

Not Balanced?

So yes, there hasn’t been many miles on the Harley this riding season at all and I’m still excited… and a little exhausted from all the stretching, new learning curves, and growth. Yet, it’s all worth it!

Some of you have told me I’m working too hard, not staying balanced. I will tell you this is not true at all. 

Once of my tenets to triumphant living is: The more you output, the more input you need. Essentially saying, if you’re working harder you need to be taking care of yourself even more. Just like a factory, you can’t produce more (output) if you haven’t been building up your inventory (input resources). 

Staying true to my daily practice, AKA: taking care of myself (body, mind, spirit) is precisely what has allowed me to go great distances this year. 

REMEMBER: Successful Business Owners know when to take a break! (Don’t worry, vacation time is coming soon.)

If you don’t mind, I’ll share with you I chuckled at myself earlier this summer. I had an epiphany! I said to my husband, “What was I thinking? At the beginning of the year I declared this year as my Year of Lift-Off.”

Essentially, I wanted this year to move my business through another quantum leap. I never really thought that Lift-Off would require so many more additional resources and new learning curves! Aren’t I the silly one?

I know at first they may all appear out of balance, I assure you it isn’t.

Even though it is a little crazy to have all this cooking on the stove at the same time! But it’s part of a bigger master plan. I’ll sure more of that another time.

Are you balancing summertime work and play? 

If not, look at why and correct this immediately. Time-Outs are essential to boost your productivity. Click here to learn more about balancing summertime activities: Why Vacations are Beneficial, Why You Need to Take a Lunch, Why you Should Take More Breaks.

Curious? Share in comment section how you  accomplish YOUR Balancing Summertime Play and Work, or any questions you have around this.


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p.s.: Balancing Summertime Play and Work is essential to boost your productivity. Plan it now before there isn’t any summertime left.

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