July 27


Improving your expertise within your business

It’s YOUR Move …Begin Improving YOUR Expertise!

Improving your expertise today can improve your
end of the year performance results

Improving your expertise implies a myriad of opportunities for you to improve your game. Please, don’t let this push you into overwhelm. This post isn’t to complicate your world. Actually, just the opposite. Improving your expertise can liberate you because it should improve your profitability. Are you taking appropriate actions this week to lift your profitability?

Effectively Improving YOUR Expertise

As Business Owners-Leaders, you are always looking to be more effective. Your job is to wear many different hats and to always see where gaps are to improve your overall business performance. Right? Wearing many different hats calls for you to be the expert. Yet we know that you can’t be the expert of everything. It’s impossible.

Now that we’ve had our reality check, there is still more to discover. You are required to manage and lead your business. Again, you can’t be and expert at everything. Have your internal team and external team (those you outsource to) help you so you can shine brightly. The more time you spend doing what you are an expert at, the more your business will grow.

And there’s another side to this story. At other times you may need to take on a new skill-set to assist you in gaining more visibility. When you do this, you’ll be able to serve up your expertise in greater volume. Ultimately, this it should boost your revenue exponentially.

What one thing can you take on and implement for improving your expertise over the next two months?
Note: Make sure it will improve your profit margin by the end of the year. 

Improving YOUR Expertise Efficiently

Remember, effectiveness is about accuracy and appropriateness. Efficiency is about time. Whatever this one thing is you select, it must be able to make impact by the end of the 3rd quarter in order to secure a successful 4th quarter and year end success. This one thing you select for improving your expertise, should support your bottom line performance.

Your time matters. Your expertise, which is why people pay you, matters. Your profitability matters. What are you doing this month to assure you attain a “big win” at the year end? What’s your game changer? See mine in the p.s..

Feel free to leave a comment or question regarding ways/suggestions for improving your expertise, which ultimately improves your business’s performance. I’ll be happy to respond.


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p. s. There have been several items I needed to complete to gain a big boost in visibility. I just enrolled in an 8 week program to accomplish what I’ve been putting off. It will be implemented in Q3 so I can gain a boost in revenue and profitability yet this year.


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