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Happy Small Business Owners Do Exist!

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Happy Small Business Owners are everywhere. Ready to join the team? Gift yourself this!

Happy Small Business Owners Do Exist!

Happy Small Business Owners are everywhere and aren’t necessarily cracking the 7-figure mark! What? Small Business Owners (SBOs) can be happy without making a million dollars? YEP!

If you are a Small Business Owner you know that many service providers are speaking of 6-figure and 7-figure incomes.

Do these numbers motivate Small Business Owners? Most of the time the answer is “no” or we’d see more Small Business Owners being much more diligent about the activities placed on their schedule. Yet, the perception is these milestones appear to be the hallmark of Small Business Success. Fortunately we know differently!

Is it possible to be a happy Small Business Owner? 

Do happy Small Business Owners exist because of the revenue they’re generating? 

Does Small Business happiness begin at 6-figures? No! I assure you it doesn’t.

I know very happy Small Business Owners who are making less than less figures and they are living their dream completely stress free.

However, if you aren’t happy, I’d like to suggest you make time to examine this. 

Happiness is a choice. It’s dependent upon you choosing to be happy.

YOUR Business’s Success is dependent upon YOUR Happiness! 

Unhappy people aren’t attracting business. If you have to make a purchase and there are two vendors with the exact same product, except one is happy and the other isn’t, which one will secure your money?

Additionally, when you are happy, you are motivated. Happy people are go-getters and will do what is necessary to grow their business.

You can chose to be happy. All research validates it’s “an inside thing”. It isn’t dependent upon your revenue. Conversely, your revenue is dependent upon your happiness!

Life is full of roller coaster experiences. Mastering your happiness level through business’s ebbs and flows is essential to simplify YOUR Success.

Happy Small Business Owners rule their business and their day. I invite you to come over to the bright side!

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