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Gremlins: Business Movie Review

Gremlins movie poster with boy opening his gift.
Gremlins Business Movie Review: Strategies plus a bonus! Image Credit:

Business Movie Review

“Gremlins” movie will teach 
Small Business Owners business strategies of 
Instructions, Transformation, & Consequences

Gremlins (1984) movie captured our hearts over 30 years ago and is still a favorite of many! Even though the movie’s plot is rooted during Christmas time, sometimes we forget it’s a Christmas movie. Why? The characters lively shenanigans take over the story line with their masterful planning! This movie captivates you with intrigue and laughter. You’ll find yourself cheering for the good and bad guys. 

The special effects are exceptional. Enjoy this movie while you see how it may provide insight to improve YOUR Business Success ! FYI: This is NOT a movie for younger children.

Gremlins Business Strategy #1 

The mogwai was purchased and given explicit care instructions. When it was gifted, those same care instructions were given to assure a great gift. The instructions weren’t followed. 

How often do you purchase a product or training and think you don’t have to follow all the directions? We try to hack success. Yet, it’s all the directions which support success. 

Don’t try to short-change the process to implement something new into YOUR Business. When Small Business Owners do this, they are the ones who are short-changed. 

REMEMBER: You chose this change for a reason. Stick with it!

Gremlins Business Strategy #2 

Under certain circumstance, the mogwai experience a transformation. They actually go into a metamorphosis stage. They don’t even look like their initial form when the transformation is complete.

How often do you make purchases for YOUR Business to evolve. Isn’t your intention for YOUR Business’s Performance to improve? Perhaps not even be functioning as it did prior to the purchase? 

Yup. Small Business Owners do this all the time. The question is: Do you stay with all the transformational frustrations associated with YOUR Business’s Transformation? I know it’s difficult to step into a new way of being. That’s the importance of #1 above; if you take the process step by step it’s easier to activate! 

Gremlins Business Strategy #3 

Consequences fascinating me. Why? We usually associated them to be something negative and they can be positive too! In this movie, there are both positive and negative consequences experienced. I won’t share any here. It’s evident when you watch it.

Consequences are a fact of conducting business. Typically there are more negative consequences experienced in the first several years of business. Overtime the frequency usually lessens; however, the impact may become more severe!

Making decisions to support YOUR Business’s Success Rate is always the focus. Yet, unexpected things happen along the way. The key is how you respond to those unexpected moments. I encourage you to slow down. Be thorough with your decision making to assure it supports you best.


Mom is the superhero of the movie! Not knowing anything about the home invaders, she figures out something unfavorable is going down. She steps into Right Action to protect her family and home.

Are you taking enough bold moves?

Feel free to share in the comment section which one of the Business Strategies from the Gremlins movie would serve YOUR Business best right now?

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