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Are you still dreaming of your business’s summertime outcomes?

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Your Business’s Summertime Outcomes progress when you are balancing work and play.

Are you still dreaming of your
business’s summertime outcomes?

It’s mid-point for our summertime in America. Have you and your business’s summertime outcomes been 50% fulfilled? If you’re like many other Small Business Owners the answer is “Ah, no. Not at all.” My question for you is “Why?”

It’s essential for Small Business Owners (SBOs) to dream big. Without your dream, nothing happens. You heard me right – nothing!  

Now that we have this covered, let’s move on to the second essential point for SBOs to live by: nothing happens if you don’t move into action. That’s right! If you don’t take action you can’t realize your dream. 

Ready for the next step to improve YOUR Business’s Success Rate?

Big dreams require bold power moves

Are your actions big enough for your big dreams?

Recently I was at a meeting for entrepreneurs. The topic: how do we show up for our businesses, and self, during summertime. Keep in mind this occurred in a part of the country where the summer weather isn’t long lasting.  

I knew about half of the entrepreneurs in the room. Their comments of taking more time off during summertime were typical. It would be no different if an entrepreneur was a snow skiing enthusiast and choose to work as little as possible to be on the slopes during the snow season. 

All of this is just fine. Being an entrepreneur or SBO allows for one to be able to adjust work schedules to accommodate personal circumstances and preferences.

YOUR BUSINESS’S SUMMERTIME WARNING: Having summertime work schedules are great during summertime or during your slow times, but NOT when your business needs you conducting business.

What am I really trying to convey with this warning? Be cautious and focus on the balancing act of what you need and what YOUR Business needs. Too often SBOs take off too much time in the summer. This leads to having a difficult autumn, which makes it far too easy to prematurely start holiday hours. Before you know it the year is over and YOUR Business’s Performance isn’t where you intended it to be for Year End to close joyfully.

NOTE: If you are in the minority and this doesn’t apply to you, congratulations! You will have a stellar year. Keep Rocking it!

Another way to say it, “What if?” “What if you could achieve YOUR Business’s Annual Goals and launch next year from a place of surplus rather than deficit, just by staying a little more engaged this summer?” OR, “What could you work on something this summer to automate YOUR Business – ultimately working less for the rest of the year?”

Example of applying power moves to business’s summertime

This is my business’s schedule. I have 7 months of hard push and the other months are lighter. However, this year I’m doing a summertime push to automate a labor intensive offering. I decided to commit to doubling down to automate this whole offering/brand during June and July. Why? If I do this now, the rest of this year and the next 2 – 3 years will require minimal time from me for this one offering/brand. 

Is it advantageous for me to do this during these 2 months to secure minimal time and effort from me for the next 36+ months? Yes! 

Am I working to keep the balancing act of play and work during summertime? Yes! It’s a challenge this summer, but it sure won’t be next summer! Are Harley rides happening? Yes! Is there pool time? Even more than last year! Summer projects? Absolutely! Self-care? Yes!  

YOUR summertime outcomes can alter yearlong performance!

If you aren’t taking some bold power moves this summer, what are you waiting for? A little extra time can alter the trajectory of YOUR Business’s Performance. Heck, you may not even need a bold power move.  

REMEMBER: It’s either the bold power move or the smaller and consistent actions which deliver massive results. It doesn’t matter which you choose. Just choose wisely to make different outcomes than what you’re accustom to accomplishing.  

You still have half of the summer to favorably impact your summer. Make it magical!

What step are you going to take next to secure a stronger you and business? Feel free to share your plans here in the comment section. 

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