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Are YOUR Customers Interrupting YOUR Business Day?

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Customers interrupting our workday gives us an opportunity to shine brightly.

Are YOUR Customers Interrupting
YOUR Business Day?

Customers, by nature, are always interrupting businesses. That’s a customer’s job. If they didn’t need your help, they wouldn’t be YOUR Customers. Think about that for a moment. Are your customers interrupting you?

Recently, I’m been addressing customer service, customer experiences, and how we, as Small Business Owners, really need to better understand our customers so we can serve them well. Why? This does impact your Business Performance and Profitability much more than you may first realize.

Customers Interrupting Story 

You’re going to love this one… because I’m the interrupter!

Recently, I’ve been going through some unique custom build-outs on my site for this year’s book release on November 14th (Go to: BrilliantBizBook.com to learn how to get the book for 99 cents and get your “100 Free Tips for The Small Business Owner”). And, as there is with customized tech, we had glitches. 

It was one thing after another, after another. I’m so glad I left my website designing days behind me! There were many moving parts to everything I needed completed. I spent an enormous amount of time with the tech wizards over the past two weeks – more than I wanted to, but it was necessary for what I was trying to create!

I was frustrated with all this AND appreciative we have geniuses who do such work. When we were in our last phase of glitches yesterday, I said, “Thanks Keith [Klein] for putting up with me through all this craziness and interrupting your team’s workflow.” To which he swiftly responded, “You aren’t interrupting us. Our customers are the reason we exist!”

Wow. Isn’t that wonderful? Isn’t this the way every business should be responding to their customers? Yes! 

Let’s have Keith Klein, of On Your Mark, LLC and his team of tech wizards, be a shining example of how to provide exceptional customer service!

Are YOUR Customers Interrupting YOU?

I sure hope so! I also hope you take the time to let them know they are the purpose of YOUR Business’s existence.

If you haven’t been as good at this as you could be, then I encourage your to practice, practice, practice. YOUR Customers will notice and appreciate you as much as you appreciate them and their business.

Small Business Owners Warning:
This is a little thing that makes a BIG difference. Don’t discredit it’s impact on YOUR Business’s Success.

What one thing could you do to improve YOUR Customer’s Service? Feel free to share what’s going to give you great impact in the comment section.    

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