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Connecting with your customers in creative ways

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Connecting with YOUR Customers in a way that matters to them is all that matters!

Connecting with your customers in creative ways
improves your revenue and customer loyalty

Connecting with your customers in a way they appreciate matters more than how you’d like to connect with them. Yes, how you connect with YOUR Ideal Customers is much more important than you may realize. Small Business Owner, you are not the leader in this case; your customer leads you in how they want to engage.

This is more important than most Small Business Owners (SBOs) realize because it determines how many potential customers are engaging with you. It also determines how long they’ll stay with you. These two points drive YOUR Business’s Success.

If you’re like most SBOs, you like connecting with YOUR Customers. You want to help them with your product and or service. You understand it when Gandhi advises, Your business exists to serve the customer

But how do you stand out when connecting with YOUR Customers?

One of Winston Churchill’s lesser known quotes is, “Give them what they want.” This is a great place to start.

Do you know what YOUR Customers want from you? If you try to give them what everyone else is delivering, you are now selling a commodity and will ultimately compete via pricepoint.

So how do you differentiate yourself to attract and connect with your customers?

American film director David Fincher is known for directing unconventional blockbuster movies. He likes creating something different for people to experience. Why? They are intrigued. Intrigued people become curious. Curious people engage with whomever is intriguing them.  

A realistic business challenge for connecting with your customers

Being a tenured business coach has provided me many years to experiment with what works and doesn’t work for many different aspects of business. I’ve observed that SBOs want to learn more about how to improve their business. However, they don’t necessarily appreciate getting business improvements in traditional business talk. 

I’ve noticed how SBOs prefer to learn from observing something to understand a business lesson rather than applying it to themselves to achieve certain results versus be told the nuts and bolts. This puzzled me. I thought teaching business lessons would streamline SBOs learning curve. 

Even though all clients prefer to have years shaved off their learning curve, I found some want to be trained and others want to be entertained while they learn. Since they are my customers, I experimented with how to entertain and teach in one moment to keep them intrigued. 

Practical application of creatively connecting with customers

Thus, our Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Movie Reviews emerged to serve all SBOs. The storyline of a movie is different and intriguing when one thinks of it as a business lesson. By observing characters, we start to notice patterns. Some of the patterns are valuable in a business setting.

I have this uncanny gift to watch any movie and find business strategies within the storyline. Then I share how these stories could be applied to improve business performance. I’ve been writing Business Movie Reviews for over 6 years and have almost 80 movie reviews written and published here in this blog (see blog category: Movie Reviews). Why? My customers want it. 

Business Movie Reviews are different – edutainment for Small Business Owners when I create them. Yes, I enjoy movies and business. I look at life through the lens of possibilities, business, best practices, simplicity, and supporting one another’s evolution.

Creating beneficial reviews isn’t necessarily easy, nor efficient. But, it helps my clients reframe their situation and improve their business’s performance. Thus, I create, publish, and enjoy how they serve. It is a very cool thing to share with SBOs.

What can you do to better connect with your customers?

Your customers want to be wowed. What can you do that’s different? What can you do that will keep them engaged with you – long enough to know, like, and trust you? They are waiting to give someone the opportunity to serve them. The question is: Will you do the work to deliver them what they want; the way they want it?

Please feel free to share a question or insights in the comments section. What have you done that’s successfully serving your customers. Or, what’s holding you back from serving your marketplace?


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p.s.: Connecting with your customers doesn’t have to be painful. Just keep experimenting until you find it 🙂

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