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Business Strategies and Tips for June 17 -21, 2013


Maggie’s 5 Business Strategies & Tips for Next Week!

Have you ever wondered which business strategies and tips you should be focusing on? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every Friday you could have 5 ideas to improve your business next week? Well you don’t need to wait any longer! Now you have a brilliant Business Strategist come to you each Friday with 5 Tips to improve your business’s success.

Every Friday, now my non-Twitter followers can have the same competitive advantage for YOUR business strategies, even without tweeting capabilities 🙂 Each Friday I will share 5 business strategies or tips from one of this century’s greatest business advisers, Stephen R. Covey, and me as YOUR Business Rescue Coach, sharing how to apply this wisdom to your business. I suggest you print out the list and take action to assist you and your business’s performance 🙂

Business strategies by Business Rescue Coach of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.
Zeroing in on Business Strategies for Success


Top 10 Business Strategies to Ponder & Act Upon:


Stephen R. Covey:  Leadership is the highest of the arts, because it enables all the other arts & professions to work.

Maggie’s Inquiry: Good leadership is impactful. Read a book about a great leader and apply their techniques.


Stephen R. Covey: Leadership’s current problem: still applying the Industrial Age control model to knowledge workers.

Maggie’s Inquiry: Do you value the wisdom your staff and customers hold? Ask more questions, learn, and apply new ideas.


Stephen R. Covey: Leaders still fail to tap into the highest motivations, talents, and genius of their people.

Maggie’s Inquiry: Do you know what makes you tick? What about your staff? Accentuate this and your business will blossom.


Stephen R. Covey: People are an investment and things are an expense – accounting has it backwards.

Maggie’s Inquiry: Your greatest investment is people – manage and lead with this knowing and you will succeed.


Stephen R. Covey: When people are meaningfully involved, they will  commit to the best that is within them.

Maggie’s Inquiry: Everyone likes contributing their best. Do you create enough opportunity for everyone to do this?



 If you or your business needs rescuing on this particular topic
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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Business Rescue Coach
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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  1. These tips remind me of Under Cover Boss, the TV show. This is where the president or owner of a business goes undercover in their own business to see what is really happening. On the show they always find several staff that are wonderful and those people are given some type of reward…usually, financial help. The best employees are really valued. Those employees always have great ideas on how to improve production…etc…. Love that show! Thanks for the weekly tips Maggie!

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