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Back-up Plan Insights for Business Success

Back-up Plan for YOUR Business Success?

Do you have a back-up plan?
Do you need a back-up plan?
oes it matter if you have one or not?

Knowing your Back-up Plan when looking in your rearview mirror and noticing angry snowman chasing you!
Back-up Plans are critical to success! Image Credit:

Back-up plans significantly matter. Please allow me to clarify my concept of what I mean as I share back-up plans today. A back-up plan isn’t an exit strategy. We are not discussing an exit strategy as a back-up plan here. What I’m referencing is an alternative way to accomplish your goal. Think of the “B” in Plan B representing the words Back-up.

The Power of a Back-up Plan

This weekend, the UW Badgers Men’s Basketball Team competed in the NCAA’s Tournament. (Click here to see our post when they won their Conference Championship.) FYI: My husband and I aren’t grads of UW-Wisconsin Madison. Yet, we are great fans and rally for the Badgers! We do watch the games throughout the season and always watch the UW-Madison teams travel their path in their respective tournament or championship games.

In our household everything stops for Badger Football and Basketball games. The Badgers were in the Elite 8 bracket on Saturday. We weren’t going to miss this for anything, especially after the nail-biting finish they performed in the Sweet 16 game on Thursday night to advance to Saturday’s game! We were winding down our day about an hour before game time. I could feel our anticipation and excitement building in the air.

Then, the unthinkable happened…. we turned on the TV and there was no picture. What?!?! I checked to see if our cable was down or our whole network. It was disappointing to find out we were totally in the dark. Completely disconnected from the game! Even though we weren’t prepared with a Plan B, we were determined. Clearly, we were not going to miss this game.

On my cell phone, I called the Cable company to see how to reset our system and learn their was an area outage. Immediately, I told my husband to call the local drinking hole and ask if they had satellite. He called while I changed into a newer Badger sweatshirt instead of the 20+ year old beat up and comfy shirt I was wearing. Whew, we were in luck! They were satellite connected and would have the game on.

We swiftly drove there, took refuge on “our barstools”, and were amongst new friends watching the game. We had a great time. Cheering our team onto victory as they earned the opportunity to compete in the Final Four Bracket of the tournament.

Creating YOUR Plan B prior to the need for it

What didn’t I tell you? We missed the first 2 minutes of the game because we didn’t have a Back-up Plan to activate when we needed it. We do now. We know exactly which alternative (Plan B) actions to take in this situation. It seems so silly now to think about a Back-up Plan for watching something important on TV. Yet it was important enough for us to create a Plan B in the moment to secure our desired outcome. Granted, this wasn’t impacting our livelihood negatively, but imagine for a moment if it would have been.

Which activities* in your business are important enough for you to create a Back-up Plan to keep your success progressing?

*Think about it like this: If I couldn’t ____, what would I do to make ____ happen? Look at your calendar and reflect what you do all day throughout a week or month. These are the items you should have a back-up plan for to secure your success.

Be a good steward to your business’s success by documenting your Back-up Plans and communicating your alternative actions. Be prepared.

Want to watch a great movie about being prepared? Check out our Business Movie Review of an exceptional and inspiring movie: Ali.

Please feel free to comment on any obstacle busting you encounter and transform
to improve YOUR Business’s profit and success. 


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p. s.: On the way home from the game, my husband I agreed on a new Back-up Plan if something like this should ever happen again. Go Badgers Go… Forward to Victory!


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