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4th Quarter Action Update

4th Quarter Action Update:
Business Success Secret

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4 Quarter Action: Make or Break YOUR Profit Margin in 3 months.

4th Quarter Action

Do you have a plan to finish the year strong and possibly break a record of two?

Did you know you need a plan specifically for your 4th Quarter? 

Yes, I said “need”.  It’s not enough that you should need one. It’s essential to closing out the year strong and beginning the new year on solid ground.

Understanding the power of a 4th Quarter Plan is essential to wrapping up your year in a pretty bow!  It’s so important, this is an updated blogpost written in 2016.

4th Quarter Action Plan Secrets:

Secret #1: Most Small Business Owners (SBOs) start slowing down their business activities by October 31st.

DON’T do this! You have a choice: you can be delusional (and think business doesn’t happen in November and December), or you cserve your marketplace when everyone else is out to play!

There’s plenty of business happening in November and December. I admit that sometimes during the Holiday Season it’s fun to play hooky for a day. Go ahead and play for a day.  Them come back to work and support YOUR Business Success.

Intel for the 4th Quarter Action: Most people don’t want to work during the Holidays (I’ve dubbed this as “Holiday Head“). They want to be skiing, baking gingerbread man, or watching Hallmark Holiday movies with hot cocoa and popcorn.

It drives me crazy how every year I hear SBOs tell me they weren’t profitable and how they worked minimally during the 4th Quarter. Yikes –  successful business needs strategy, and especially a 4th Quarter Action Plan.

Secret #2: Try to find ways to convert YOUR Offerings (Product & Services) into gift options. Create different “End of the Year” sales or “Start the New Year Off with a Bang” sales for starters. The more creative you are – the more likely you are to generate more revenue.

Of course, creating this doesn’t happen overnight. Do it incrementally. If you haven’t started this yet, begin now. There’ still enough time to develop YOUR 4th Quarter Action Plan. The key: Right Action.

Special & Secret 4th Quarter Offer for Blog Readers:

This special offer isn’t found anywhere else on my site: Are you ready for a 3 hour “4th Quarter Strategy Session & Action Plan Development” coaching intensive for only $375 USD (that’s a 50% discount)? Click on the Contact Us Page and tell me this. I will follow-up with you to begin guiding your through your money-making process. We’ll only have to do this once and you’ll know how to repeat it every year.

Yes, that’s 50% off. Why? I know the power of working the 4th Quarter. I want you to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity so you can learn generate more revenue! Aren’t you ready to give your business a holiday gift this year?


Have fun stepping it up by ending this year on a high note!

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