November 16


Clarity provides focus for Business Owners during the Holidays

Clarity to help Business Owners illustrated by a nature seen with the sun breaking through the haze behind a tree.
Clarity to help Business Owners break through the Holiday Haze!

Clarity provides focus for Business Owners-
especially during the Holidays…

Do you have clarity regarding YOUR Priorities?
Are your walking around with endless To-Do Lists?
Not sure what to focus on next?

Clarity provides focus for everyone, not just Business Owners. However Business Owners benefit greatly from clarity. Small Business Performance is dependent upon Business Owners having enough clarity to guide all actions into “right actions“. This is most evident during the Holiday Season.

Client Clarity Breakthrough Story

Last year I was working with a client who revealed he had been in a haze or fog for the past several years regarding how to launch his business. He listened to all the experts. He did what they said. He is action oriented. But nothing was working right. He wasn’t gaining any traction.

We started working together. In the first month he said, “This is great! The fog is starting to lift. I don’t feel like I’m in a haze regarding what my Business’s purpose is and what to do with it.”

Since then, he has been laser-focused. His ambitions are great. He has many moving parts to his business. Simply by gaining clarity, he was able to start navigating his business in the direction he chose. As we continuted to build his business’s foundation the mental haze has lifted. His clarity is sharp and it guides his actions to improve the overall performance of his business.

Clarity for Business Owners during the Holidays

We are less than 50 days away from closing out this calendar year. How you approach the next 6 weeks will determine YOUR 4th Quarter Success. During the Holiday Season I see too many Small Business Owners coast. They are under a false pretense that business slows down during the Holidays. This mindset is inaccurate!

NOTE: Starting this weekend, people are spending money. They like having their wallets open. They feel good about making purchases. They are in the spirit of giving.

WARNING: If you put on your “Holiday Head” (taking vacation during this time of year), you will miss a great opportunity to end your year strong and begin a very solid 2016.

What one thing could you offer during the Holidays to boost your sales?

Create YOUR Christmas Magic by doing this:
Sit down and write out what your offering is for the next 6 weeks. Specifically define it. How can it be a great gift? Get busy making it happen; however, do it with clarity to guide your actions. Define who is YOUR Ideal Customer for this offering. Discover why they would benefit from YOUR Offering. What price are they willing to pay for it during the Holidays? How do you get this offering in front of them (promotion)?

Have fun closing out the year by gaining clarity now
to move YOUR Business’s Revenue Needle!

Please feel free to comment or ask questions on anything you’d like. We are here to help you Step-Up to accomplish YOUR Business Goals. Brilliant Breakthroughs offers discounts to veterans.


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