Wisconsin Badgers Happily Securing Success-
Executing simple steps is this winning team’s formula!

Do you know your winning formula?

Wisconsin Badgers Men’s Basketball Teams is primed to apply one more round of simple steps to win the NCAA Championship Game tonight. Congrats Badgers! Simple steps are winning steps; yet, we humans love complexity! Even though complexity isn’t preferred, it still is our favorite approach. Sounds silly doesn’t it? How many times do you hear someone say, “It only takes 3 steps.” Then they spend the next hour explaining the 5-10 steps within each of the 3 steps? Often!

Many of my followers know I am a Wisconsin UW-Badger fan and follow their teams closely. My husband and I are having a blast watching the Wisconsin Badger Men’s Basketball team move through their tournament to play in the Championship Game tonight. Forward to victory Wisconsin!

Simple Steps Win the Game: Kentucky vs. Wisconsin

Throughout this whole season, the big hype of men’s college basketball was the University of Kentucky’s undefeated season and tournament standing. Until, they met the Badgers this past Saturday Night. Kentucky’s success throughout the tournament was one of sheer determination. They would show up with deep concentration of their objective with each move they made. Anyone watching the tournament noticed how Kentucky saw each game as a step to winning the championship – 2 years in a row. This hasn’t been accomplished by a even a handful of teams over the many years. Was this their downfall?

Simple Steps of Action and Concentration
Win the Game for Wisconsin Badgers

Saturday night’s game had a great deal of hype added to it. This was the rematch of last year’s Kentucky and Wisconsin game. With the Badgers losing in the last moment of the game. Each team had a different approach to preparing. The defending champions had great pressure placed upon them. They were often stoic. When they played, the intensity of perfected execution filled each arena.

Conversely, the Wisconsin Badgers have the same dedication, concentration, and execution of practice – all the simple steps to success for a basketball team. Their Coach, Bo Ryan, recognized for his exceptional coaching style, also allows the players personalities to shine through. The Badgers have one more step for success – fun! I believe this is what has allowed them to play such intense games and come out victorious. Now, they need to meld their fun and execution tonight for the championship.

Regardless of the outcome tonight, Wisconsin Badger Nation appreciates you all being winners and gifting us a great season with you. Go Big Red!

YOUR business is a constant game. I invite you this week to have some fun and show up like a champ.

Do you get out of the stands and practice your expertise enough?

The more you practice on the court, even scrimmage games, the better you will be able at executing a win.

Learn from the champs. Regardless of what you do, each day practice it just a little bit more. Heck, you might even surprise yourself! Last, remember to practice like the Wisconsin Badgers and enjoy yourself.

Any comments on how you simplify steps to assure your business’s success? 


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p. s.: Even though our state celebrates Wisconsin Badger Fever today, our spring has finally arrived in full and the kids are on vacation this week. Definitely feels like a vacation week. Remember: when people are in good moods business conversations may be less adversarial. Are you ready to secure an extra win or two this week?


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