The Adjustment Bureau: Business Movie Review

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Dec 11
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The Adjustment Bureau highlights business strategies of planning, timing, and fate for you to effective lead your business. Source:

The Adjustment Bureau:
Business Movie Review

Reviewing this movie will teach Small Business Owners
business strategies of
Plans, Timing, & Fate

The Adjustment Bureau (2011) PG-13 is one of my favorite movies and gets viewed once a year. This is an intriguing movie with Matt Damon as the main character, David Norris. David is running for a Senate seat. He has a set of circumstances occur, which has him meeting some unfamiliar characters. Then, the plot thickens as David begins to be more aware of how plans change and at times he may just be a pawn in a bigger game – or not. 

This moving is thought provoking. I wish I could could make every Small Business Owners (SBOs)watch it to observe the power of intentions, strategies, thought-limiting beliefs, the impact of right timing, and being self-aware. I know, that’s a pretty tall order! All relevant and big game changers for Small Business Owners. No spoilers here, just some very interesting points to take to heart about choices and their impact! Enjoy watching the movie and learn how to improve YOUR Business Success.

The Adjustment Bureau Business Strategy #1

Have you ever had your plans go up in smoke? Sure, we all have! This movie has one of the best practical teachings of how life (and business) is always shifting with each move we make. If you only observed this part of the storyline, you’d learn why you should pay even more attention to planning.  

When you use planning as a strategy to fulfill your vision instead of survival tactics, you become more observant to the choices you make and the impact of each of your activities.  

The Adjustment Bureau Business Strategy #2

As the saying goes, “Timing is everything”. Do you pay attention to what’s happening and when it is or when it should be happening? If not, flexing this muscle is essential for YOUR Small Business Success. 

Timing isn’t always about when you want to do something. More often it’s about when is it most favorable for others to experience or digest whatever it is you’re serving up. This included everything from when social media posts are posted, when you call someone, to what time of the year you introduce a particular offering to your marketplace. 

The Adjustment Bureau Business Strategy #3

Do you believe in fate and/or creating your own destiny? This movie has some interesting insights about the topic. Do you roll over when fate serves up something different than what you’ve been working toward? Do you notice how fate may be specifically positioning you for something you wouldn’t naturally do or go after?

Often I see Small Business Owners give up before they should. Just because you’re destined to do or be something, doesn’t mean it has to be an easy journey. I share this because there’s a great many things that are worth a struggle and many SBOs just give-up thinking this isn’t where their calling is if it’s difficult. I believe this is the case because we’re told that if we’re living our passion is shouldn’t feel like work. While what this really mean: your passion and belief will carry you through the tough times, not that there won’t be tough times!

 If you’re saying, “Ooooh, I need to make some changes.”
Congratulations! What should you do next? Try this:

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