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Have you completed your business’s tech backup?

Digital steaming of tech backup
Don’t overlook this basic and essential move to secure your business!

Have you completed your business’s
tech backup today?

What prompted me to write about tech backup today? I noticed late last night that March 31st is World Backup Day. I didn’t know such a “Day” existed! Did you?

Most Small Business Owners (SBOs) don’t pay much attention to backing up there data. This is a HUGE oversight and it directly impacts YOUR Business Performance. It is necessary to sustain business, your intellectual property, and your peace of mind!

Now I know most of you are focusing on taxes right now. You’re either reviewing your filings and masterminding how to alter next year’s numbers or you’re crunching away to file this year’s numbers. That’s great and appropriate. Good job!

Now I want to add something else to the mix- YOUR Tech Backup! I love that there is a World Backup Day.

Tech Backup is Essential Business

In this blog, we share many Best Practices for YOUR Business’s Success. Most of them apply to what you are routinely doing to boost YOUR Business’s Performance. This time, in a very basic fashion, we’re going to talk about digitally securing your business.

I’m the first one to admit I don’t know a great deal about this topic. Why? I’m a routine practitioner of this topic and I know some people who can assist me if I need it. 

Are you practicing routine backup of your systems? 

This is crucial if you are creating content. I don’t know any SBO who isn’t creating content and/or marketing materials, developing standardized communication, customer files, templates, financial record-keeping, etc.

Every business – especially small business, has a much bigger digital footprint than they may realize. Guess what? You need all that information backed up!

When I went with my webmaster, Keith Klein of On Your Mark, I asked him what his backup system was. He gave me a satisfactory answer of several backups throughout the world. Then he said something I didn’t think of: each one of my blogposts is a page on my website. Good to know! (That’s just one of the not so obvious ways our business has a bigger digital footprint than we may realize.)

SBOs always ask me what I do for backup. 10 years ago I thought I was being tech savvy with having a daily external hard-drive routine. Then, someone said, but what if you’re office burns down and your laptop and hard-drive are in the office? Oops! and thank you Mark Mullarky of Mullarky Business Systems for bringing this to my attention!

After Mark and I spoke about this, I now have an external hard-drive to do all my tech backup, plus Carbonite. NOTE: I’m not endorsing Carbonite – just sharing that it’s one of my real-time tools for digital backup.

WARNING: If you aren’t doing your tech backup, you are creating much more risk to your business than necessary. 

As they say, “Business is risky”, don’t set yourself up to be hacked because your systems aren’t backed-up, updated, or unsecured. The same goes for your daily content you create for every aspect of your business. 

What should you do now to mitigate risk?

Make this more than an annual activity! Successfully lead YOUR Business on this topic instead of falling victim to tech torture.

Talk to an expert as to what type of tech backup is best for your business. Each business has different needs and it’s best to appropriately invest for YOUR Business’s Tech Requirements. 

If you do this, you won’t have to be concerned about Hackers ,”The Blue Screen of Death”. etc. appearing and crippling YOUR Business. 

Whatever you do, make sure you have something updating your system in real-time.

REMEMBER: Secure your mobile devices and their data as well! 

Taking appropriate actions to support your data ultimately improves your profit and peace. 


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