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Streamlining business activities for more leisure time

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Streamlining Business Activities is one of the smartest move your can make!

Streamlining business activities
for more leisure time

Streamlining business activities is no small feat. It requires you to fully understanding your business so you can map out each step in the customer experience, and the user experience, as well as your your internal processes.

Many Small Business Owners (SBOs) who don’t capitalize on it’s full potential to improve their business’s performance. They minimize their Business’s Success by not do this or minimizing the extent to which it is completed.

WARNING: Don’t be that SBO who is complaining, but isn’t taking the time to properly support their business!

The Power of Understanding Your Business

Recently I was listening to a conversation of 6 different SBOs. Their expertise and tenure as a business owner varied.  They were talking about how they are spending too much time working on their business.

The conversation continued to infuse phrases like: time-suck, not time to do what they should be, it’s never-ending, not fun any more, too complicated, can’t figure out what really matters, etc.. One SBO asked me to have a private conversation about what’s happening in his business.

He further discussed how he needed help understanding his business better. There were areas which “needed improvement and other offerings may need to be omitted” from his business. We broke down his business and reviewed the financials of each offering. We discovered that the 1 thing he was about to delete from his services (which he enjoyed delivering), secured his greatest profit margin per sale. 

I’m sure you can imagine how we then focused on amplifying that service’s process for greater customer satisfaction and then created a marketing campaign to attract customers to it. 

When you map out each activity within your business, you begin to support your business much better because you are analyzing each activity, its placement, and its effectiveness. Why does this matter?

5 Benefits for Streamlining Business Activities:

  • 1: You eliminate unnecessary steps and costs within your business’s processes.
  • 2: You easily identify if your business is performing optimally or not.
  • 3: When you need to revamp a procedure, you can do it without creating any glitches.
  • 4: You can assess which steps can be outsourced and/or automated.
  • 5: You notice where the riches are buried within your business

How do you do this?  There’s plenty of apps to help with this; however, the easiest way is to create a flow chart.

Start by selecting 1 offering. Then dissect each step in the process. Begin with your marketing, then add your customer experience.  Next layer: the user experience. Last, add how you process each step in-house/internally.

NOTE: Once you get going, you will see how quickly this expands. Don’t worry about that – it’s a good thing.

The more you understand each step, the better your business will become. This isn’t a 1-2 hour process. You’ll need to walk away from it from time to time until it is completed.

Then, the fun begins… designing it the way it makes dollars and sense to you and your customer! Once you do you’re initial kick-off of these activities, just keep working on it as often as you can. You will build a stronger, smarter, and more profitable business. Extra Bonus? You’ll have much more time to not be working on your business 🙂 Good Luck!

Which one of your offerings are you going to start your streamlining business activities on? Feel free to share what’s going to give you great impact in the comment section.  

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