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Performance Consistency: 3 years counts

Performance Consistency: showing up for 3 years counts!

How consistent is your performance?
Do you show up and participate routinely?
Are you evolving as an expert because of your consistency?

Performance Consistency: 3 years and counting by Maggie Mongan of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.
Performance Consistency

Consistency is elementary to success. Your consistency supports you progressing toward your goal. Lack of consistent performance hampers success. No surprise here! Then, why do we choose to be inconsistent? Consistency is a great business strategy and even an individual strategy for success.

How consistent is your performance?

I bet there are somethings you are outstanding at. Without fail you show up and deliver. Right? But what on earth happens with all the other things which are randomly performed? Is your performance adequate or stellar? Probably not… stellar! Yikes, that was a little harsh, and yet it was probably most accurate.

Performance and luck are different. Luck is not a course of action which is repeatable. Yes, you may get lucky from time to time; however it is not sustainable. Doubt me, how many lottery winners keep winning consistently? I’d rather perform well – consistently, than get lucky once in a while! Counting on luck  to appear is too stressful. OK,  I understand repeatable performance can imply many things. Pick one thing you are responsible for doing as we proceed.

Depending upon what we are measuring, your performance levels may very. Gee, even when you are a newbie your acceptable performance standards (metrics) are probably lower than when you become competent. Performance levels are dependent upon a multitude of variables.  What you are variables?  When you are not consistent, ask yourself “why?” Are these reasons viable or just excuses? Are you measuring the correct item? Example: If you are a doctor and want more revenue. It is better to measure billings per visit than the number of patients you have.

1st step of performance: showing up

Let’s make no mistake here that it is imperative for you to show up routinely, or consistently, to improve your performance. Let’s consider your physical performance. If you want to run a marathon, you wouldn’t go to the gym everyday for 6 months and then take off the rest of the year. Rather you would want to create a plan which would have a consistent pattern of exercises throughout the whole year to keep you toned for your marathon day.

Are you expecting your performance to be outstanding when you aren’t even showing up consistently? If so, you should consider making yourself less frustrated and move towards performance which is more evenly paced and doable.

Consistent performance assists you in becoming an expert

Your marketplace notices consistency. In fact, it won’t consider you a viable professional if you don’t show up routinely! A client of mine has been running for 3 years and is participating in oodles of running events now.  I asked him how long he has been running and he shared it was 3 years. I also asked him if he calls himself a runner. He said, “no.”  I laughed and said, “3 years of consistently showing up to run, and doing it, qualifies you as a runner”. We both laughed at the simplicity of this statement.

On the way home from that appointment, I started thinking about how I just had my 3 year anniversary for this blog. Yet, just like my client, I didn’t see myself as a blogger (this was even funnier to me when I realized I even blogged for a year prior to this blog).

What one action is requiring you to have consistent performance? Just pick one. The one thing which will have the greatest impact upon you accomplishing your goal. Did you pick it yet? Good! Now, without fail, do that one thing as often as you need to for your performance to improve. Whatever you do, don’t take on any other new behavior until you have this one mastered! Then you can repeat to improve your overall performance. However, we start with just one and make it our priority because you chose it as the most important single action to improve your performance.

Maggie’s curious: What is your one thing which will improve your performance if you show up consistently? Share in the comment sections so we can learn from each others 🙂 Mine is: building new relationships.


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  1. Congratulations on the 3 years!! Up to recently due to work and illness, I managed to blog consistently for at least 2 years. Although the schedule may have changed over the years. Also for the 6 months we routinely held classes and events monthly. (Again a recent bout of illness derail this temporarily–we’re back on track now). I have some other things though I do need better consistency on for successful outcomes –I have to give some thought to what those things are though. Thanks for the insights on this–I agree that consistency is important!

    Blake Cahoon,
    Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being

  2. Hi,
    YES, YES, YES,
    I do consistently show up for work with my senior population of clients. I believe I’m becoming and expert. Now telling the world… that is not what I’m good at. But thanks for the reminder to always reassess.

    1. You are very good and what you do… and you are committed to your work, right? Then why not let more folks know that you are committed to healing seniors? Perhaps there is something really awesome waiting for you when you share more frequently 🙂

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