February 3


Passion Supports Your Professional Development

Passion Supporting Your Professional Development

Do you know how your passion supports your success?
How can passion support your career or your business?
Are you allowing passion to fan the flames?

Alright, last month we spoke all about goals… and that was just the warm up to bring us into this month’s topic: Passion! Isn’t it a great topic for this month? I’m sure right about now you are thinking, “What on earth is Maggie going to share about passion and my professional development?” Funny, you probably have an inkling that I have plenty to share… so let’s get to it 🙂

Passion Supports YOUR Professional Success

Read the line above, again, and a little slower… ponder it for a moment and allow it to really sink in.

Do you know of someone who has not passion for the career? It’s clear how they are just going through the motions, with no enthusiasm to share with you, as you interface with them. Do you notice how they almost feel lifeless and drone-like? Watch for this throughout this week. See how many people really have a passion or zest for what and/or how they produce/contribute.

Do you notice how you spark up and come to life when you are passionate about what you are doing or whomever you are meeting? It’s happens all the time. We allow our emotions to either activate or deactivate our joy, and at times, even our capability to be successful. As you move through this week notice what brings you joy and what or whom doesn’t. You will be amazed how you carry this throughout your day and how it impacts your success!

How Can Passion Support Your Success Professionally?

Client Story: I have a client who is in sales. She loves her product. She loves people. She even loves cold-calling (I know, but there really are some people like this)! She can call upon anyone and share her fantastic offering at anytime, anywhere. She has all the right stuff to be successful. Why? She is passionate about letting people know their product and services exist (most people even don’t know of this particular offering).

Because she is passionate, or I could say “on fire” about her offering, she can make 20,30, even 40 cold calls a day! Most of her colleagues don’t do that in a week and their income reflects this. My client is unstoppable – like a wild fire. Until, she learned the other half of what her job was… servicing a client and holding their hand through the process until the service was complete (which is something most of her colleagues love doing). Servicing clients slowed her down. She had a great disdain for this part of the process and didn’t want to do it. But once she secured a contract from her client this was the next step. So what do you think she did?

Yikes! She quit making the calls, sabotaged her success because she didn’t want to do the servicing. She lamented working and eventually didn’t even make cold calls. she snuffed out her own flame! She eventually had no energy or enthusiasm to do anything and her income dwindled quickly. Being totally discouraged, she took a time-out.

During her time-out she realized how “odd” she was since she enjoyed one half of the process that no one liked and how just about everyone else enjoys the other half of the process. Then, it happened! Her passion for what she did grew again as she started talking to a couple of colleagues who she could partner with and create an awesome team concept. And… she is making money again (and so are her partners)!

Allowing Your Passion To Fan YOUR Flame Is Crucial To Professional Success

Above is a perfect example of this. She figured out how to allow her passion to motivate her, and others, to attain professional success. It’s pretty cool and hot all at once, isn’t it?

YOUR Business Rescue Coach’s Action Items to Support YOUR Success:

  1. This week I invite you to notice the passion levels others have for their career or business. Notice how it shows up and how it impacts people and the business.
  2. Then, review your own professional passion his week: are you enjoying what you’re doing, is your enthusiasm contagious, is it motivating you to move through some less than favorable situations? Just observe this week and you will be rip-roaring for next week’s post 🙂

 Still need a refresher on creating effective goals?

Link to January’s theme (Goals): the purpose of goals, basics of developing solid goals, the benefit of goals, and measuring results of your goals. Read these 4 posts and you’ll be all set to develop any goals to support your success! Couple that with passion and you’re rocking!!!

Your Business Rescue Coach wants to know: What fans your professional flame? Please share in the comment section so we can learn from each others best practices.

Passion Supports Professional Development
Passion Supports    Professional Success


If you or your business needs rescuing on this particular topic
or any other Business Strategies we have been discussing,
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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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