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Hiding from Customers


person hiding from customers behind a fencing mask
Hiding from customers?

                    Hiding from Customers… ouch!

Are you hiding from customers who need your help?
Have you ever been get caught in a bad customer service situation?
How can you make sure you aren’t hiding from customers?

Hiding from Customers is a great wisdom-sharing for Business Leaders via a post from one of my favorite bloggers: Michael Hess. Over the years, I have referenced Michael Hess’s well written and relevant articles with you. Who knows, maybe one day he and I will bump into each other 🙂

Hiding from Customers who need your help?

This post is powerful. It is one that I’m sure most of us can relate to; however, we shouldn’t at all! More importantly, Business Leaders of all levels should be working to assure this isn’t happening to customers. Every employee is responsible for the customer’s experience. No exceptions to this rule!

Have you ever received bad customer service from a business?

When I read this article, I was shocked! I had no idea such shenanigans were occurring. Nor did I realize the scale of companies hiding from customers behind false names, automation, and crummy processes. It’s just poor form hiding from customers! Especially in today’s transparent world,why on earth would anyone think the could get away with hiding from customers?

Excellent Customer Service Assurance

Regardless of your business, people will always need assistance or have something which needs resolve. Wouldn’t it make sense to have a human assist your customer with a caring tone and resolution in one contact? If that happened to you when you needed assistance, would you feel valued? Ah, there it is… the customer is your customer because they purchased something from you. Don’t you think you should tend to them? After all, it’s always more efficient to keep a current customer than to create a new one. It just doesn’t make sense to me why businesses are hiding from customers!

Michael Hess, whose post is housed on the CBS News website gets it right. He shares with you exactly what some of the great guidelines are for customer service. Take time to read this. Make sure you have your business strategy in place to assure you aren’t creating an ineffective customer service experience for your customers!

Click here for Michael Hess’s post: Who are you and why are you hiding from customers?

There are some great and simple points to this article, which one or two is something that will never happen in your business? Feel free to make a comment, BUT let’s not have this become a gripe session please 🙂


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  1. Having dealt with a variety of banks, mortgage companies and other customer service companies, I can relate to his experience. Too many companies do hide from their customers; although I don’t see any improvement coming soon. Is Customer Service dead? Or is it just too automated? Or maybe it’s too outsourced?

    Seems a shame that we can’t find a better way to connect.

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