November 20


Extending Gratitude Builds Business Success

Extending Gratitude for YOUR Customers illustrated by 2 hands shaped in a heart holding daisies.
Are you extending gratitude to YOUR Customers? Ultimately planting future business seeds.

Extending Gratitude Builds YOUR Business –
Giving Thanks Grows YOUR Business!

Extending gratitude is still not a common practice. Why would a Business Coach talk about extending gratitude to build YOUR Business? When people experience the unusual they remember the unique experience. Reflect upon the last time someone was authentically expressing gratitude to you. Did you feel it? Did you identify it as genuine? You can actually improve YOUR Business’s Performance by boosting your gratitude efforts.

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings,
turn routine jobs into joy,
and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”

~William Arthur Ward

 Extending Gratitude: A Veteran’s Story

Recently I lunched with a veteran. I thanked him for his service. He asked me to “stop”.  He shared how this year was filled with many “thanks” that were empty. This was disheartening to him.

I asked him to explain further. He did. Then I shared my personal understanding of the sacrifices our military and families experience. He eventually accepted my appreciation for his selfless service.

Which Businesses are Extending Gratitude to You?

The above story has been bothering me since it occurred. It came after I have been pondering how businesses do and don’t extend gratitude for my patronage. Some businesses express “empty” gratitude. I’m not inclined to frequent them.

Further, there is one establishment that seldom expresses gratitude for my patronage. Nor do they usually greet me. Oddly, I’d rather experience nothing than them extending gratitude in a hollow manner! Most likely why I haven’t been to their business since summer.

Why Extending Gratitude Matters!

Extending gratitude really does matter. It matters as human beings. It matters in business. All business transactions still occur with a human making a purchasing decision. It is part of YOUR Business’s Customer Experience – even if it’s online. Humans are making purchasing decisions. They want to feel appreciated once they put money into YOUR Business’s Bank Account. Show them “the love”! If you are authentic, they will feel it and share your business with others.

Extending Gratitude TIP:
Expressing Gratitude in a genuine manner. It’s noticed. This simple practice will serve YOUR business well.

1. Go to social media and show your appreciation by publicly giving thanks to others.
2. Find appropriate ways to get busy extending gratitude.

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like
wrapping a present 
and not giving it.”
~William Arthur Ward

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