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Strategy: Why Does It Confuse Us?

Optimizing Strategy of Blueprint
Optimizing Blueprint of Strategy

    Strategy is Confusing… Not Any Longer!

Strategy: can you define it simply?
Do you use the word strategy properly?
Are you applying the “concept” of strategy appropriately for success?

Strategy, the definition of it, and the best application of it, tend to be elusive for many. Often times it is even misused. Even worse, it is underutilized! This post is the outcome of a reader’s request to come up with another word in lieu of strategy. Why? She has her head get snagged by the word strategy. Perhaps we can shed some light in understanding the definition and the best way to utilized it to optimize your success!

Strategy: by definition and similarity

Please remember, we oversimplify in this blog to help as many Business Leaders as possible optimize their business performance. According to my Grandfather’s American Heritage Dictionary (I will paraphrase), strategy is (1) the science or art of military command as applied to the overall planning and conduct of large-scale operations, (2) a plan of action which results from the science of strategy, and (3) the art or skill of using strategems (designed maneuvers from the leader). Regardless of whether the root of the word is French, Greek, or another, it refers to the act or plan of the general or leader.

What strategy isn’t… and using the word properly

Strategy isn’t a goal – it helps you achieve a goal. Strategy isn’t tactics (your actual “to do list” items or the execution of) – it organizes your tactics. Strategy isn’t envisioning – it supports the vision in being fulfilled with the creation of a blueprint or roadmap to guide actions.

Strategy is the a tactical and essential step you create after defining your Business’s Vision and creating a Goal/s to support the Vision. Once the Goal/s are defined, then you create a strategy or Strategical plan to guide all the actions (tactics) which are required to fulfill the stated Goal/s. Remember: it’s not your “to do list”.

How to appropriately apply Strategy to your business

Again, Strategy is a step in the process to help you fulfill your goal/s and ultimately your vision. Strategy, onto itself is a science and an art. Ideally, it’s about creating a plan (blueprint/roadmap/gameplan) of tactics – in a particular sequence to support success.

Strategy, when done properly, support your success. So why doesn’t it always work the way we hoped?
Often there is a particular sequence of action items which support success better than un-sequenced actions.  Example: it is better to bake the cake batter first, than it is to place frosting on it and then bake it. Baking the batter and frosting the cake are required actions, but the sequence is imperative or crucial, to the desire outcome being accomplished successfully. Sounds like you’re back in algebra class again, doesn’t it?

Being a Business Strategist requires me to always be looking at the best sequence to support success. This is what allows me to help clients optimize their efforts and success. Good thing I have a knack for this work! FYI: There’s  a really great book out there by Brian Tracy. It’s titled, GOALS!. Click here to learn why I think it’s important.

Back to the reason why I did this post… strategy may be an overwhelming concept and task. I get it. Instead, think of it as an essential step in your process to success. A step that helps you create the gameplan of tactics into a sequence. If done effectively, it will create a “Sequence of Success” (I’ve called it this for many years), which will guide you through optimizing your action items (individual performance) and overall (business performance) success simultaneously.  Please, let me know if you want to address certain aspects of this further.

Maggie’s curious: What part of “strategy” or strategizing is your strength and which part is your weakness? I will comment back with mine 🙂 Please feel free to share in the comment section so we can learn from each other!


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