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Business Strategy: Action in Motion
Business Strategy: Action in Motion

“I didn’t get to where I am by think about it or dreaming about it.
I got there by doing it.”

~ Estee Lauder

Application of this Business Strategy for YOU:

Success requires right action. Right action is the outcome of a great plan. A great plan is manifested from a thought. Thinking great things does matter! Be ambitious. Regardless of naysayers and obstacles, ambition is the pathway to success. Stay on course and you will arrive at your destination. This is a very simple business strategy. Make an appointment to use your imagination and ponder what your next steps should be. Then act upon one each day. Then, help others do the same!

Business Strategy to optimize your leadership or business performance:

What do you fill your head with each day? Are you learning something to help you become a better professional? Are you learning a new skill to broaden your capabilities? Hopefully you said “yes” to these guiding questions. Each day, take some time to learn. Something will inspire you to take action, which will ultimately lead to your greatness! Remember it all begins with a thought. Start pondering or imagining now… Yes, it really is a business strategy worth practicing daily 🙂

Inspiring Quotes to assist you with this Business Strategy:

Imagination is more powerful than knowledge. ~ Einstein

Imagination rules the world. ~ Napoleon

Imagination is in the eye of the beholder. ~ Joubert


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