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Business Leaders Conquer Fear in 7 Steps

Business Leaders Conquer Fear:
It’s a mind game!

Business Leaders Conquer Fear in 7 Steps depicted with hiker climbing upon a big set of boulders
Business Leaders Conquer Fear in 7 Steps

Leaders conquer fear every day. Regardless of what others may think, Business Leaders are in the business of conquering fear. Each day Business Leaders face the unknown. There are internal weaknesses and external threats which could take down the business at any moment. Business ownership and leadership is not for the faint of heart.

Leaders Conquer Fear as Business Owners

If you’re a Business Owner, you have your own set of fears and unexpected happenings to overcome each day. Of course that old saying , “never let them see you sweat” seems to be your private motto. Doesn’t it? Business Owners typically wear many different hats. Even if you have a team or virtual assistant to delegate tasks to, you still are responsible for all the successes and failures.

Business Owners holding it all

As Business Owners, you are the leader of your business. You need to assure it is moving in the correct direction. Business Owners who lead their business know how important it is to keep their whole business moving in the appropriate direction. Often times this means you are taking on new tasks or meeting with new people who may be able to help you move in the correct direction.

New people and action items help
Business Leaders conquer fears

We all know there isn’t one person on this planet who can “do it all”. Have you been caught trying to from time to time? I have! Recently, as I am masterminding how to complete 2 really big projects simultaneously. I’m trying to figure out what I can outsource and what is best to stay in house. I admit I was fearful of releasing some work.

Business Leaders Conquer Fear in 7 Steps

When we realize that we, as Business Leaders are fearing something, we can conquer it with 7 simple steps:

  • 1st: Awareness of situation.
  • 2nd: Owning the situation as is.
  • 3rd: Accepting the emotional fear which is impeding your progress.
  • 4th: Select your preferred outcome.
  • 5th: Ask for help with tasks you aren’t able to accomplish effectively or efficiently.
  • 6th: Delegate the tasks and trust you asked the best person possible to assist you!
  • 7th: Check in on the progress of your delegated task without micro-managing.

Remember we started off with stating “Business Leaders conquer fear: it’s a mind game”? It’s true! Fear is in our heads… why do some people get paralyzed by snakes or bugs and others don’t? Our mind holds a story and we respond accordingly. Step 3 is very important, but shouldn’t become your show-stopper!

“You can conquer almost any fear if you will make up your mind to do so.
For remember, fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind.”
~Dale Carnegie

Brilliant Breakthroughs Big Question:
What one thing do you need to conquer?

Brilliant Breakthroughs Big Tip:
Take your 1 Fear or Obstacle and follow the above 7 Steps!

We know that Business Leaders conquer fear daily… why not? Each decision is a reflection of the leader – you! It is important to make the best decisions, strategies, and action items as possible. Yet, don’t let your fear or uncertainty paralyze your business. Reach out to a trustworthy and tenured mentor, coach, or advisor to assist you. You will be glad you did!

Please feel free to share any questions, comments, or tips how you’ve noticed other Business Leaders conquer fear… 


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p. s.: Business Leaders conquer fears daily… and then other days they don’t. Make sure you aren’t stringing too many of those”don’t days” together and inadvertently are sabotaging your success.


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