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Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc. Celebrates 4 Years of Blogging

Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc. Celebrates
4 Years of Blogging

Maggie's hand typing a keyboard with fireworks and "Happy 4th Blogging Anniversary Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc!"
Back in 2011, I never thought this “blogging at Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc” was a thing!

Happy 4th Blogging Anniversary
Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc.!

Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc. is pleased to serve you, Business Owners and Business Leaders, for the past 4 years with purpose-driven and value gaining blog posts. But it wasn’t always this way… I remember how I had absolutely no clue what I was going to write about when I first started this blog. In fact I was scared – really scared to start writing!

I remember how my first webmaster strongly encouraged me to write. I pushed back. Then he told me something about SEO rankings and how it would  help me gain traction. He spoke about how this would benefit my business. Well, that was my game changer on the topic. Keep in mind this was Spring 2011 before the whole world was chatting about SEO. I decided to proceed with my knees knocking into one another!

2011: Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc.
Stepping into the Blogosphere

Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc. had already existed prior to blogging. I was serving clients happily since 2004. Then, came this new commitment (blogging), which I needed to fit into my already busy schedule! I had previously blogged for a year on another site – but only once a week. Even though this new approach, which required consistency was going to push me, I reluctantly said “yes”.

Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc.
New Blogging Presence

With great trepidation, I decided to do this for the benefit of my business. I didn’t want to do this if it was going to require great commitment. I already had plenty of that in my life. My webmaster was a wise man and asked me if I could commit to writing one post a week. Since I had already accomplished that successfully for a year, I committed to that. He told me then after I built that muscle I could move to two posts a week. Once I was comfortable with that I could create to three postings a week. I remember laughing.

Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc.
Trailblazing Business Blogging

Wow! I had just committed to doing something and I didn’t even know how to do it! Funny thing, back then very few people knew how to do it like they do now. Worse, when I searched for how to do this blogging thing there wasn’t anything out there to give me valuable strategies or tips – especially for business development. Back then, many blogs were still personal. So, I followed the advise I was given: write about your journey as Business Owner-Leader.

Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc.
Blogging Emerges

I admit, my blogs had great content 4 years ago. Yet, they were early in me finding “my voice” or writing style. I’ve tried different themes, concepts, and layouts over the years. Always experimenting to see what works best to get the Business Strategies and Tips (in a practical and tactical manner) to assist you in having brilliant breakthroughs for yourself and your business. That is my focus. I always look forward to creating something a little different for you to experience and then bring it back to how you can apply it to your business for a a breakthrough or two.

You, too, can create a blog which effectively serves your customers. Heck, even attract customers. Now, I tell my clients to go to my site and read certain blogs when I am coaching them. They like the flavor of the blog and I just made their coaching multi-faceted by adding another tool for them. This allows me to spend time on other things they need my assistance with as they take on an action item from the blog.

Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc.’s Action Item for YOU:

Pick one thing that your customers would appreciate knowing. Then write a blog about it.

Don’t know how? Pretend your writing a letter to one of your customers. Sharing something you’ve figured out. At first it might be a little rocky doing this. Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. Just keep practicing! Over the years, I’ve come to love my earlier blog postings. They definitely are a reflection of how I’ve grown as a blogger. They’re also a reflection of how the blogging profession has grown too. Remember: Blogging is a free marketing tool for your business. Also, if you don’t start or stay consistent, someone else will. Allow your blog to build your credibility as an expert. Gift your business by blogging or blogging consistently. You’ll even surprise yourself!

Please feel free to share in comments what’s holding you back from blogging or the success you and your business have gained through blogging….


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