July 20


Brett Favre’s Honoring into Packer’s Hall of Fame

The back of Brett Favre as he is about to pass the football.
Brett Favre:  A legend in the making!   Image: Phil Cutler, via wikipedia.org

Brett Favre’s Induction into the Packer’s Hall of Fame
was Saturday, July 21st
Why is this important to note?

Brett Favre is legendary to many people. To Wisconsinites, which I am, he’s ranked pretty close to Wisconsin’s St. Vincent (Coach Vince Lombardi). This past weekend he was honored in two ceremonies by the Green Bay Packer’s Football Oragnization. His jersey/player number was retired AND he was entered into the Packer’s Hall of Fame.

Why is Brett Favre’s honoring important?

Brett Favre is one of the greatest quarterbacks AND players in the sport of football. He was superlative when he was a Packer. He brought the National Football League’s attention back to Titletown. His extra-ordinary performance re-ignited the spirit of the Packer Nation. He helped us Packer-backers to not just be loyal fans to our team, but we were able to enjoy it too!

Brett Favre’s Packer ride was a great ride. Then he stumbled through some personal issues in front of his fans. Things were a little messy; yet, he performed at levels of excellence! Some fans were let down. Then he left the Packers and went to the NY Jets. There he performed less than stellar personally – another stumble. But the real blow to many Packer-backers was when he joined the Minnesota Vikings. This state neighbor is an arch rival of the Packers. Brett finished his career next door – the Packers hero had become the enemy!

The Green Bay Packers Organization has always been a class act.  They knew they needed to time these honorings just right with the fan base, Brett Favre, and the Packer Organization. I’m sure that wasn’t an easy task. Yet, they accomplished it well.

3 Business Strategies to Learn from Brett Favre’s honoring
from the Packers Organization:

1. Playfulness supports performance: Brett Favre Style

According to fellow players and coaches, Brett Favre’s flair was his gift to be playful! This is a great stress release valve. Are you and your team de-stressing enough?

2. Appreciation for all efforts: Brett Favre Style

Brett Favre was exquisitely appreciative throughout his speech. One would hope this is how he would show up. He delivered! He provided such details as he mentioned significant contributors of all levels, what some might call “the little guys”. Impressive. The superstar revealed he didn’t and couldn’t have done it alone. Are you extending appropriate levels of appreciation to your internal and external team members?

3. Appropriate Professionalism: Brett Favre Style

The Packer Organization needed to work on the timing to have this become a favorable event. I commend all parties involved… healing needs time. One aspect of being professional implies doing the right thing – in a good way. Appropriately honoring accomplishments can be a sticky thing at times. The timing, audience, and fashion of honoring/rewarding are essential. Too often businesses do “cookie-cutter” rewards without considering what may valued by the recipient. When you honor/reward your team and/or vendors, do you take time to consider if the recipient will note it as appreciation for them or something the business simply does because of a policy?

Brett Favre’s Induction officially authenticates him as a crucial player for the organization’s success. His honoring revealed some great strategies for all of us to apply to our businesses. Hope you enjoy implementing these and reap the reward for conducting good business! Preview: Wednesday’s post: Business Movie Review of the movie “Fury”. Have a brilliant week!

Feel free to leave a comment or question anything regarding Brett Favre or the business strategies mentioned. I’ll be happy to respond.


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