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Appreciation Gifts: Thoughtfulness is Always Appreciated

Appreciation Gifts: Thoughtfulness is Always Appreciated

Are you offering appreciation gifts this year?
Are you extending appreciation when most appropriate?
Are you customizing your appreciation?

Appreciation Gifts of Thoughtfulness shown with a golden bow upon a gift wrapped in golden paper
Appreciation Gifts of Thoughtfulness are Golden!

Appreciation gifts can be a little tricky! I’ve seen some of the best intentions end up in going up in flames. Yikes! This time of the year many Business Leaders are grateful for the performance of their team, partners, suppliers, and or customers. Gift cards are flying through the mail, boxes of Christmas decorations are showing up in pretty paper, ribbons, and bows.

Are you offering gifts of convenience or are they thoughtful to the receiver?

When one receives a gift from another, there is an exchange. The exchange is much greater than the gift itself. The unspoken exchange represents the giver’s thoughts of “I value you or something you did.” Appreciation gifts are very cool. Appreciation gifts are a great idea. Appreciation gifts, when applied with thoughtfulness, can solidify a relationship and its performance. Conversely, it can also kill a relationship!

Appreciation Gifts are Powerful when Applied at Appropriate Times

We are accustom to a dwindling act of appreciation: Christmas Bonuses. Often times businesses wait until the end of the year to explore how generous they may be with their profit. I believe many people appreciate Christmas bonuses. My husband receives a Thanksgiving Turkey, Christmas Ham, and a Year-End Bonus from his employer. I remember the years we were dependent upon the turkey or ham arriving for our Holiday Meal. I do send a thank you card to his employer expressing the gratitude for their thoughtfulness.

What if, What if you dispersed your appreciation gifts throughout the year? Conducting gifting quarterly, on birthdays or anniversaries, or even after a project is completed? It could be a simple pizza party! Take some time to think of the receiver, what we be a great expression of your mindfulness of them and your relationship? Choose wisely and it will add value to your relationship. Choose poorly and it will negatively impact your relationship.

Customizing Your Appreciation Gifts

Appreciation gifts which are individually customized add more value to a relationship than anything else. Why? This demonstrates you care enough to know what is important to the receiver. Take time to listen more closely and make note when you hear a snippet which could guide you to more appropriate appreciations gifts.

DEBUNKING WARNING!: Many people think monetary equality is the best fashion to offer appreciation gifts. I complete disagree! If I’m working along side another and there is a price tag difference, but we both get something we each perceive as valuable, the price tag doesn’t matter. What matters? The fact that the giver cared to listen and make note for the appropriate time.

Listen throughout the year’s worth of conversation to learn what may be valued by the receiver. When you hear it, add it to your Appreciation Gifts Ideas List or in your database and calendar.

Enjoy giving your appreciation gifts throughout this season and next year as well!

Please feel free to comment or share what was the most unexpected or valued of all appreciation gifts you received?


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p.s. Please remember to donate to charities during this time of the year. AND remember, they are in need of your gifting throughout the whole year! This week, Wisconsin Business Owners will be making donations to some excellent charities. Once again, Wisconsin Business Owners generosity rocks!


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  1. Great article, Maggie. I always encourage my indexing colleagues to disconnect their appreciation gifts from holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving. What if your client is Jewish or Cherokee? There have been some years when I’ve used oddball holidays as an “excuse” for sending greetings. Perhaps on Monday I’ll wish my clients a happy Dictionary Day.

    I confess I don’t often give actual gifts of appreciation, but I do send thank you cards frequently, and I love it when I have some way of personalizing them. Like you, I keep notes.

    1. Thanks Carol! What a great idea to select different “Day” topics for reach outs- never really thought about it. Keep up the great work and thanks for the share with the group!

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