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Best laid plans run amuck and crush success

When best laid plans aren't best illustrated by and egg cracked open on the counter with a mixing beater in the background.
When best laid plans aren’t best any longer…

Best laid plans run awry and muck up your success

Best laid plans are usually pretty good plans. If done well, Business Owners usually experience success. But what happens when an incident or circumstances don’t allow success to flow your way? You become frustrated and YOUR Business’s Performance is crushed.

Is it possible to assure best laid plans are just that?

Contrary to science fiction movie, I’m not sure they will help us divert an asteroid ready to collide with earth, but it could minimize hail damage to your car!

Over the years, I’ve been ridiculed for having a strong capability to plan effectively. I’ve accepted this because I know it’s one of my superpowers of being a high performing professional. However, this week I experienced a blip!

Story of how best laid plans went amuck this week

I’m facilitating an event next week. Currently we are immersed with the delivery of the materials, etc. and we completely forgot our conversation of two weeks ago to purchase binders. Amidst all these great plans, somehow it just slipped by. So when we remembered we went online to secure the binders. Of course no one can deliver the bulk we need in the necessary timeline – without paying triple the cost. Not so interested!

Even though I had planned and created a list to prevent this type of situation, I needed an immediate Plan B. I found what I wanted online and then started calling all the stores in the area to see if I could collect enough from all the different locations. This took some time. We have successfully secured what we needed.

Plan B helped me appreciate the conveniency of the internet again. Not a fan of doing it “old school” but at least I knew how and took immediate action.

Brilliant Breakthroughs Big Question:
Are you proactive with creating your plans before you take on a project?

TIP: Keep adding to the list as more things come to mind. (This saves me every time.)

Best laid plans are great and they help us show up in a good way. Well, at least better than if we didn’t have them. Yet, it’s what you do when your plans go awry that really counts!

Are you a great planner or do your best laid plans go awry? Share your answer in the comment section.



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