October 14


4th Quarter: Do you know what your profit is?

 4th Quarter Awareness:
Do you know what your profit is?

How’s your 4th Quarter producing thus far?
Do you know if you are on pace to close the year out ahead of goal?
Are you planning how to secure 4th quarter success?

4th quarter of a business calendar
4th Quarter Success Awaits You!

4th Quarter awareness… seems rather timely considering we are fast approaching the midpoint of the first month of this quarter!

Why does the 4th quarter require you to be so proactive in October?

Th 4th quarter, which is the last quarter of your year if you are producing on a calendar year, is the quarter where you can do one last push of the year. What am I talking about? Unless you are a retail or offer holiday services, it often appears that the 4th quarter starts to wane by mid-November. Why? Everyone begins to get what I refer to as “Holiday Head” (when everything about the holidays are running through our wonderful creative minds and just about nothing else matters).

BIG TIP: If you are a business owner, you are the leader of your business. What you do impacts your business. Especially if you are a solo-entrepreneur!

Curious what my clients who have worked with me for the past year are doing this week? They are in the final strokes of knowing what their performance numbers are going to do for the rest of the year AND forecasting next year’s goals with this year’s data and the new strategies we have been developing! What are you doing to wrap up this most important 4th quarter to end your year with a bang and start next year very strong?

Are you on Pace to secure a strong 4th quarter?

This year’s performance may depend on the success of your 4th quarter’s performance. Not uncommon for Business Leaders to have this occur.

BIG QUESTION: Did you know what your business’s performance numbers would be going into the 4th quarter or are you rolling with the punches? Are you on “pace” (accomplishing the appropriate ratio of your goal according to how much time you have to accomplish it) for Q4?

GOOD NEWS: You don’t need to be a punching bag any longer! Here’s a link to a former post to breakthrough your obstacles- 10 simplified tips for obstacle busting.

Planning for 4th quarter success

Clearly, planning for a strong and successful last quarter can make all the difference in how you end the year and start the next. Now, still this first month is the time to plan how to improve your Q4 performance. Don’t wait until half way through this quarter… only retail can get away with this type of strategy and action. Act now, to secure the 4th quarter profit you seek!

If you need some quick coaching on this, please consider Laser Coaching (1 hour laser focused strategy session) to swiftly assist you with one obstacle. We’re here to help you optimize your performance – just reach out!


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