Laser Coaching

Laser Coaching:

Laser Coaching

Laser Coaching

How would a Master of Management handle your frustration?
Do you wish you could get some quick and wise counsel now?
Which issue in your business are you ready to transform?

It isn’t easy leading a business at times, is it? Who do you, the leader or owner of your business go to for confidential and wise counsel? There’s good news: You now have the option to enlist the wisdom of a tenured management professional and business coach to guide you to resolution on a single topic in a swift one hour Laser Coaching Session.

Let your headaches and heartaches be a thing of the past! You deserve getting back to business again. No one says it better than Einstein:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
~ Albert Einstein

YOUR Brilliant Breakthroughs 10 Step Laser Coaching Process:

1. Request/purchase a Laser Coaching Session below.

2. You can schedule a time* on Maggie’s Calendar (at least 48 hours from the time you schedule):  Maggie will confirm.

3. Be kind to Your Coach: Fill out all confidential information that Maggie will need prior to your coaching session. This way Coach Maggie can be fully prepared to assist you through your transformation. (We like being on time and fully prepared – go Girl and Boy Scouts!)

4. We are seeking new results. Thus, you will need to do a little preparation too! Mindset is your focus. If you prepare yourself to think completely differently than you have regarding this topic, we should be able to create different possibilities!

5. During your session, we will dive to the root of the issue.

6. Together, we remove the nonessential aspects related to your topic, which are impeding your or your business’s performance.

7. We collaboratively create effective strategies to develop a new simplified plan for you to optimize the performance of your selected issue.

8. You, or your team, apply and practice the new strategies we developed.

9. We conduct a short Performance Assessment Follow-up Conversation.

10. You experience improved performance (productivity, peace of mind, and/or profit).

*Note: A Laser Coaching Session can be effectively conducted over the phone or via Skype. If you are local to Southeastern Wisconsin, we could meet in person if you choose.

Laser Coaching is selecting a single topic upon which you’d like to improve.  Just like a laser, we swiftly identify your desired goal.  Then we collaborate to create strategies to transform your business or leadership performance.  Ready to impact your bottom line quickly?


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