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Year End Passion Review for Small Business Owners (updated)

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Have you taken YOUR Year End Passion Review for YOUR Business’s Performance yet?

Year End Passion Review for YOUR Small Business (updated)

The Year End Passion Review is overlooked by too many Small Business Owners – don’t let that be you!

The Year End Passion Review isn’t about presents nor Valentine’s Day. It’s about you, the Small Business Owner, and your relationship with how you show up in YOUR Business. Without any hesitation, I state, this is the most important relationship in your whole business.

I’m updating this post from 2013 because it’s even more relevant today with entrepreneurship on the rise.

This week present wrapping is getting wrapped up along with our year end activities to close out the business year. Hopefully, you aren’t wrapping up everything just yet!

But even if you’ve wrapped up serving others right now, are you serving yourself and YOUR Business? Have you been envisioning  (like I spoke of in prior posts)?

I hope you’re at least creating your blueprint for next year’s business success. Imagining and envisioning is a very important part of the process, which usually begins with a review of this year’s business performance.

As you begin to review this year’s performance, please remember to include yourself in your review. After all, you, the Small Business Owner, are the key to unlocking YOUR Business’s Success being realized.

Too often Small Business Owners don’t include themselves as part of their Business’s Performance. This is a BIG mistake because you are the alpha and omega of YOUR Business!

Is YOUR Passion for what you do still running high?
Do others notice when it isn’t?

Here’s some questions to get you started:

  • Do you love what you are doing? To what extent?
  • Is your passion, for what you do, simply over the top?
  • Is your passion contagious?
  • Do you still enthuse others while in business conversations?
  • Do you feel like you aren’t 100% in the game?
  • Are you showing up for work 100% turned on for success or under 100%?

Regardless of your answers, it’s all revealed to others when they experience you, your place of business, or even your website and blog!

People are perceptive. They  can tell if you’re all in and passionate about how you serve your marketplace or if you are just in it for the money.

Think about it, when was the last time you ran into someone whose passion for their offering was overflowing? Did you want to work with them? Had you considered becoming their friend? Did you ask yourself, “What kind of Kool-Aid were they drinking?”

What is your passion, or lack of, revealing to you?

Think of your business as a partner to romance and be romanced from throughout each month.

As you conduct YOUR Year End Passion Review ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you listen to what your partner is telling you its needs are?
  • Do you support your partner with enough time to help it make the right things happen?
  • What about resources – does it have all that it needs to thrive?
  • Do you behave passionately when you are working in and on your business?
  • When you speak to others about what you do, does your passion come forth?
  • Do others undeniably experience your passion?

Have you ever met someone who feels a “little overflowing with all their passion”?

Did it makes you say, “Wonder what that was all about?” Every time this happens it’s a clue for you do YOUR Year End Passion Review. Better to quickly notice and correct your less than stellar passion before you reveal it to too many people.

Is your passion for your business and your offerings hot, hot, hot?

How hot is your passion for what you do?

Now a slightly different question: How hot is your passion for YOUR Business? This question and answer is applicable and revealing.

When you conduct YOUR Year End Passion Review, you’re able to discern where your disconnect is lurking.

It could reveal you have deep passion for what you do, but maybe not the business you are currently doing it in.

Conversely, it could be that your passion is in alignment with the business, but not your service to/with it.

Perhaps it’s time to (1) learn something new, (2) find another service/offering/expertise to serve in your marketplace, or (3) find a new outlet (business/organization) to be part of to re-ignite your passion? Regardless, it’s better to learn this sooner than later!

Here’s the Skinny about YOUR Service and Passion

You deserve to be on fire about how you serve, who you serve, what you serve, and from which organization.

Why? This is what makes you shine!

It is your genius radiating outward and it is very attractive to others. This brilliantly shining genius of yours makes you a super-star and rocks your, and the business’s, performance.

Click here to read a quick blip about what Anthony Robbin’s says about genius.

Is YOUR passion hot, hot, hot?

Is it so hot that you’re unconditionally shining and effortlessly attracting others to you?

If so, congratulations! Keep up the great work.

If not, contact me and together we can find a way to re-ignite your flame or find a new one all together. Wouldn’t it be great to know Your New Year of Business will shine brightly!

Call now or click on the YOUR No-Cost Consultation link. You may have much more to gain that you initially realized!

It can be all different this coming year…if you plan to deliver different results! Start with YOUR Year End Passion Review today!


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p.s. Making the time to do YOUR Year End Passion Review can be the accelerant to start your new year as a hot, hot, hot one!

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