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What’s Your Professional Desire?

                         What’s Your Professional Desire?

Professional Bulls-eye by Maggie Mongan of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.
Professional Bulls-eye

How does desire support your professional success?
Is your desire in alignment to improve your performance?
Are you holding yourself back?

Professional success and desire aren’t commonly thought of as partners; yet, they are! Have you every noticed that when you want to do something how you are usually more successful at accomplishing it than the things you don’t desire? Thought this may be your truth! What’s this really all about?

Professional Success is Supported by Your Professional Desire

Last time I checked all Business Leaders were still human. This is important to remember. As a Business Leader you are managing a business’s resources. The most valuable is our human resource. The talent you manage and influence, including your own, is the most precious resource a business possesses!

All humans have desires. We are filled with wants. What are your wants for your career or professional development? What is it that will support your professional success? Right now, I know you have 2-3, or possibly more, items which you want to acquire to advance your career. Take a moment and write them down on piece of paper right now. Keep it simple – this is for you, not your team. (You can do this with your team later).

Are You Derailing Your Professional Success?

To often we know what we would like to achieve. But, for some reason we make choices which don’t support our professional success. Why? Well, we are human for starters! Humans have free will. This is all about choices. It doesn’t matter if you’re Business Leader who leads a team within an organization or a small business, you witness this all the time. Poor choices are made throughout each day.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a poor choice for the individual or the organization, they are made. Reflect for a moment: how many decisions are made that are counter-productive to fulfilling said goals? Most nonsupporting decisions are selected because of unreal limitations. Typically, decisions are made because we haven’t made enough time to consider better solutions and we settle for “less than favorable” results.

Is Your Professional Desire in Alignment to Improve Your Performance?

Appropriately aligning performance is very important! We know a person can accomplish many and even great things. Yet, if the activities aren’t supporting the overall objective, they don’t have the same impact as those accomplishments which do support professional success.

Review your most recent accomplishments. Throughout a year, great accomplishments are attained. Are your accomplishments supporting your professional development in the manner you desire or are they great accomplishments with more of a “dead end” (not propelling you in the directions you seek)? If you answer, “Not as much as I’d prefer” then there’s room for improvement. I call this concept of real-time improvement  “straightening the arrow while it’s midstream” to assure you are hitting the bulls-eye.

Again, take a moment to write down what correction/s you need to make now so you can hit your professional bulls-eye. NOTE: This happens to many professionals. This professional mindfulness guides you with becoming who you choose to be and helps you make choices to support your desires of success. Of course, once you decide to act upon it!

Maggie’s curious: What would be a BIG game-changer for you? I’m having a meeting with someone about mine tomorrow! Please feel free to share in the comment section so we can learn from each other! Mine: consistently meeting new people 🙂


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