February 29


Unexpected Disappointments for Determined Business Owners

Unexpected Disappointments illustrated by a cup of coffee spilled all over papers, ruler, eye glasses, and a calculator on a business desk.
Even Successful Business Owners Experience Unexpected Disappointments Once in a While

Unexpected disappointments show up everywhere-
Determined business owners aren’t immune!

Unexpected disappointment, who can escape them? No one can. It’s even silly to think it’s a possibility! I’m an optimist. But guess what, stuff happens from time to time. No, it’s not so much as to what happens, as it is how you respond to it. Your Business’s Performance depends on you self-managing unexpected disappointments well.

TIP for Managing Unexpected Disappointments:
Don’t react! As soon as you noticed you have. Stop. Remove yourself for a moment and then reposition yourself so you can respond instead of implement knee jerk reactions.

Sometimes, shingles fly off roofs. Sometimes, computers crash. Sometimes, mail gets lost. Sometimes, people are tardy. It’s OK. None of this is all the time. Sometimes is different. It tests our resiliency. It tests our commitment. It isn’t permanent.

As I’m writing this I know many people are watching The Oscars. With the big question being will Leonardo DiCaprio win the Oscar which  has eluded him for a handful of times prior? He probably will, but what if he doesn’t? I believe him not receiving it from his other nominations has actually helped him stay focused on continuing to pursue acting excellence.

All the unexpected disappointments in life and business are just blips on the radar screen. They’re big for now and they are also forgotten soon. Whatever you’re struggling through right now – keep your focus on the path you need to take to keep yourself moving forward.

Last Monday I shared that I was going to post the Kung Fu Panda 3 Business Movie Review. I assure you that even though it will be one week tardy (as I haven’t wrote a post since I shared that with you), that it’ll be my next post. Yep, my roof’s shingles went flying  and we have a couple extra activities which took precedence… securing a roof over head is a priority!

When you have unexpected disappointments set you back, only give them the time they deserve. Lamenting the issue isn’t the answer. And know that all will be better very soon.

What do you do to pick yourself up when you get pushed down? Please share in the comment section.


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p.s. Confucius say, “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

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  1. I had one of those weeks! And I just decided to relax and enjoy the Oscars with the thought that everything will work out, even though it certainly wasn’t my plan to have 5 big things go wrong in one week! Today, when I awoke, I knew I’d have to hustle to get more than usual done and I just got up and got moving on the fast track. Right now it’s smooth sailing!

    Stacy Kaat Photographer

    1. Glad to hear you knew when to give yourself a “time out” It’s important that we remember to replenish our batteries with simple pleasures of taking a time out. Time outs allow us to settle down and gain clarity. Congrats – you’re back on track again!

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