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The Goonies: Business Movie Review

The Goonies Movie Ticket
Wouldn’t you like to explore and experiment with your business like The Goonies?

The Goonies 
Business Movie Review

The Goonies (1985) movie will teach 
Small Business Owners business strategies 
of Exploring, Communicating,  
& Collaborating

The Goonies (1985) PG is a flashback to when the world was more simple and it was fun being a kid. Definitely different from how kids grow up today. This story is one of a sleepy town struggling to keep their homes when a developer wants to move in on their territory – literally! The kids, self named, “The Goonies” of the neighborhood are friends. It’s their last day together. 

To prepare for the impending move, they go up to the attic to start packing up things and run across some really cool items and something intriguing. One of the boys finds the framed newspaper article of the long lost pirate, One-eyed Willy, and the investigator trying to sleuth where the pirate ship and treasures are hidden. The boys have nothing to lose so they begin their quest which also gets them caught up in some shenanigans with the mafia. What else would you expect?

This is a good family movie (especially during summertime) with some touching and hilarious moments. No spoilers here! Enjoy watching the movie. There’s plenty of tips to improve YOUR Business Success and become the best show around in your industry! 

The Goonies Business Strategy #1

The boys were curious. They decided to act on their curiosity. They went where their journey directed them. They were on a mission to find something and didn’t walk away until they did.

What is it in your business that you should be exploring? Something to help your effectiveness or efficiency? A new sales tool to generate more revenue or maybe new content or copy? Here’s a common one: “I bought X and haven’t implemented it yet”. If this is you, maybe it’s time to finish your exploration and get the reward for doing so.

Whatever it is, don’t stop until you are complete. Taking “Right Actions create success”. Explore until you have what you need to forward your business’s growth. Then implement what it is you found!

The Goonies Business Strategy #2

Throughout the movie, there are several different communication points to draw upon: Spanish translation for the housekeeper, what to (not) say and say when you are captured, and how to tell a bad boyfriend to back off!

When you are communicating with your customers are you expressing yourself in a manner for them to understand you?

I heard this tip back in the late 90s when I worked a 100% commissioned job: It doesn’t matter what you want to say to someone. For you, and your message, to be effective you must speak in a fashion for them to understand what you need them to understand. It’s not about what you want to say at all.

The Goonies Business Strategy #3

The boys are eventually joined by two girls. Together they work as one unit – to accomplish whatever is in the best interest for the group and it’s mission. I believe this is most evident with all the different actions occurring while they are playing the organ.

Collaborating to accomplish something makes a bigger task manageable to accomplish. Teams accomplish great things when they have a clear and commonly understood vision of what they are trying to accomplish. There’s great value in collaborating – it honors a better plan than what one could accomplish by oneself. For over a century authentic Mastermind groups have validated this.

If you are a solo-entrepreneur, collaborating is essential. Do you outsource? This is your collaborating team. Do you have a coach or mentor? This a collaborating team. Even if it’s only two people, it’s a collaborating team because both of you are trying to accomplish a common goal. Solopreneurs, you may be in many more collaborative teams than you initially realized. Congrats!

Effective Collaborating Tips: Common vision, speak to be understood, and accountability will serve you well as you collaborate.

Remember: Right Thoughts create Right Actions. Right Actions create Success.

Feel free to share in the comment section which one of the Business Strategies from The Goonies (1985) movie would serve YOUR Business best right now?

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