Stress Trigger Points: ID them now!

Are you tired of always feeling stressed?
Do you want or need to minimize your stress levels?
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Stress Trigger Points by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.
Stress Trigger Points

Yes, we are going to take on the biggie today: Stress Trigger Points! Did you notice that I didn’t say stress itself? That’s right, we all have it and it’s a natural phenomena. Stress actually serves us… what? No, I haven’t fallen over and bumped my head again. Matter in fact, I’m coming from a place of clarity these days 🙂

Stress Trigger Points are Clues for you to notice that something isn’t right!

OK, stress shows up in a variety of manners: overeating, under-eating, depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, sleeplessness, grumpiness, just plain old griping, or ugliness, etc. These are indicators that you are under stress. When these occur, you know it’s time for a time out! At this point, you really need to slow down or burn-out is just around the corner! Curious how slowing down can improve your business? Read this: Slowing Down to Accelerate YOUR Business’s Success post

Actually, when stress appears, it’s a signal for you that you are out of harmony. That something either mentally, physically, emotionally, or socially is experiencing conflict to its natural way of being and it’s agitated, or stressed. Can you relate?

YOUR Stress Trigger Points need to be Identified:

We all know way to minimize stress, right? And we usually don’t do it often enough. Think of taking action to de-stress like you take action against cavities by brushing your teeth. You need to do it at least once a day! We all know this and even have plenty of knowledge as to how to do it.

But it’s your stress levels which really are the key in this conversation. What stress trigger points exist in your world? Do you even know what stress trigger points are? Usually you can tell after one has been activated.

This past week I had one. I had a person call me and request that I do something for them to help them build their business. It was something I would typically tell my clients to do for themselves as it was something to do with their ongoing research. This person wasn’t even a client, but because I already assisted them so much, they must have just assumed I was going to continue to do so! I’m about as generous as it comes when helping people have breakthroughs, and help people often – sharing my awesomeness for free with many. Yet, as this expectation was being placed at my feet, I recognized it and shared how that was not my role, as well as the benefit of a entrepreneur doing this for them self is tenfold!

Indeed, I was agitated that someone was trying to take advantage of my generous nature!!! And then I thought back to all the other times this occurred or almost occurred. What I learned what my frustration that this nice girl was experiencing was a stress trigger point.

What are your Stress Trigger Points?

Stress Trigger points come in all different shapes and sizes. We are all triggered by different things. So let’s see if you tolerate any of these:

  • Piles of papers on your desk (or floor)
  • Boxes laying around
  • Inbox full of hundreds or even thousands of emails
  • Not having enough time to take breaks
  • Unfinished filing
  • Technology incompatibilities
  • Not taking lunch
  • People multi-tasking while you are speaking to them
  • Incomplete voice mails
  • Others answering call waiting while speaking to you
  • When your daily plan goes up in smoke-poof!
  • When people don’t return messages in a timely manner
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Dirty windows
  • Everything always seeming urgent
  • Unrealistic dead-lines needing to be met
  • Drama Kings & Queens
  • Software updates to a version you really liked
  • Messy desk
  • Spam

 Start ID’ing YOUR Stress Trigger Points Today

When you start ID’ing your stress trigger points, you can begin to minimize your stress levels. Of course some stress trigger points are avoidable while others aren’t. Just like everything else in life, you get to choose! Hopefully you will find ways to decrease your trigger points and improve your productivity and profitability.

Now that you have some ideas of your stress trigger points, is there one you have that I haven’t listed yet? Please feel free to share in the comment section and let’s see how we can help each other out!

 It can be all different this year…if you plan to deliver different results in 2013!

If you or your business needs rescuing on this particular topic
or any other Business Strategies we have been discussing,
please reach out to Maggie (262) 716.7750   FYI: I’m in the Central Time Zone

Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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  1. Hi,
    First, there was a Like article indicator, that’s disappeared. I really liked this article. You identified several of my trigger points – other’s multi-tasking while on the phone with me (although I do it now to them!) used to be one of mine. When my day goes in smoke–poof! too often, I can get stressed. I’ve finally gotten used to ‘everything feeling urgent’ which was a common problem back in the days when I worked as an employee in corp. world. Now as a contractor, apparently I’ve figured how to deal with this fading for me issue. I think software updates that wipe out liked functionality is now one I can relate to. Outdated too soon software is another. And then there are the drama kings and queens….deep breathe!

    Thanks as always for a great article!

    Blake Cahoon, Founder
    Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being

    1. Thanks for the kudos 🙂 Yes, we are definitely pushed these days and it always seems like there’s another “and this or and that” just lurking around the corner, doesn’t it? But you have it right- deep breathing is a great way (and at no-cost) to alleviate some of this. Keep up the great work 🙂

  2. Some of those trigger points also can be seen as distractions! I have learned from YOU Maggie about that! I also learned from you that making a plan and sticking to it, also keeps the stress level down.

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