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New Projects for 3rd-4th Quarter Business Success

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Planning & accomplishing new projects can become YOUR Business’s X-Factor

New Projects for 3rd & 4th Quarter are a sure way
to improve your business success!

New projects can revitalize your business, you, and your team. Overall, new projects improve a business’s potential to become more profitable. Your Business’s Performance depends on fresh ideas.

The key to launching successful projects, is making sure they align with YOUR Business’s Purpose, Vision, and Mission. Additionally you want to have enough resources available, including cash to secure the completion of your project. I’m sure this seems obvious to you. Yet far too often it is not applied. This renders revitalizing projects to another crummy failure that the business and team weren’t able to deliver. Unfortunately not enough planning goes into the preparation stages of new projects.

Does this sound familiar?

The kids are back in school. The weather is changing. You are looking at YOUR Business’s bottom-line while noticing there are only a couple months of the year left to produce. You’d like to boost your profit. It’s the last month of the 3rd quarter and the 4th quarter is only 2 weeks away! What now? Instead of jumping into any project for the sake of starting a project – slow down!

8 steps to simplify the planning of new projects:

  1. Slow down and ponder for a moment: What new projects could improve your profit margin?
  2. Make a list of all of them.
  3. Select one that would be easy and quick to implement.
  4. Select another project that would be more involved to complete and offer big gains.
  5. Choose one of the above to improve YOUR Business performance.
  6. Start with planning. Define: Resources, Timelines, and Measurables.
  7. Is it still feasible?
  8. If yes, proceed and take action daily to implement. If not, can you adjust your plan or is another better at this momentthe moment?

The above is our oversimplified process to get most business owners effectively moving into new projects to secure their business success. We are aware this differs from classic project management. Over the years, I’ve found most business owners just need this help with planning to get moving in the appropriate direction to gain great traction.

You can begin and end/accomplish new projects:

Please don’t complicate new projects. They can be accomplished. They can boost 3rd and 4th quarters’ performance.
TIP: Once you start a project, stay with it. Don’t abandon it. If you do, it will not provide you the gains you initially sought. Go for it and surprise yourself!

Please feel free to comment or share which new projects you want to begin now to assure YOUR Business’s performance. See the p.s. below for mine…


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