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Honoring Traditions Creates Successful Memories

Honoring Traditions Creates Successful Memories
Throughout Life and Business

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Memories of Honoring Traditions

Honoring traditions… wow, if this time of the year doesn’t scream tradition, I don’t know what does! It is true that during the Holiday Season honoring traditions seems to create fond memories. Memories of successful gatherings with our dear ones top everyone’s list when we reflect upon the years.

Honoring Traditions Produces Success

When you look back upon the years of the holidays, how many traditions do you remember? Do you recall a certain cookie, decoration, ornament, dinner item, music, gatherings, or timing of when or how gifts are opened? One of the reasons so much success occurs is because there is a certain security  or familiarity in honoring traditions. If you know what is going to happen and how it is, you prepare accordingly. Honoring traditions is like wearing a security blanket! Just the simply knowing of what is going to happen and how to participate it in creates a level of assurance and peacefulness.

What is your fashion of honoring traditions?

Creating Honoring Traditions

Perhaps it’s time to create new traditions for you, your family, or your workplace team? That’s fine. Two years ago my husband and I created a new tradition. We now watch one of the old classic Christmas movies during the season. For us this will happen on the weekend between Christmas and New Year. However, we did enjoy watching The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and had a great conversation about it! (And this is from someone whose youngest has been out of the house for 14 years now.)

What tradition have you created lately for your personal or professional life? I’ve said “yes” to a monthly professional development event for a couple of years now. Gee, I didn’t even realize it has become a tradition until just now!

Whatever you create, keep in simple for everyone to enjoy!

There is a great joy and peacefulness which are provided when traditions are created. Have fun exploring. Then create the appropriate ones for you both personally and professionally! If you’d like to watch the power of honoring traditions, I encourage you to watch Christmas with the Kranks. (It’s hard to believe it’s now 10 years old!) Click on this sentence to see what happens and what doesn’t when a couple tries to disregard their Holidays Traditions.

If you want to watch some great movies, check out our Movie Reviews for Business Strategies category on the right hand column of our site. There are plenty of family movies which will warm your heart and give you a little to ponder about your business! Click on this sentence to see what one of my favorite movies is.

Please feel free to comment or share what you Holiday Traditions are important for you to honor!


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p.s. Remember to enjoy the joy and peace, which comes from quiet moments of the Holidays.


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