lawyers learning how to delegate work effectively
Delegate Work Effectively

Delegate work, not your business

How do you delegate work?
Do you trust the people to whom you delegate work?
Are you a micro-manager when you delegate work?

 Delegate work, not your business, is essential to surviving and optimizing performance. Last Friday’s post, click here: Delegations Strategies sparked a great deal of interest. Many of you even reached me directly and asked for more on how to delegate work “in a good way”. I am working to create a great post for Monday, Sept. 8th on delegation. I know it seems like a long way out, but with the upcoming Monday holiday I know to wait another week. Meanwhile, I thought the article linked below will provide some great tips to get you in the groove 🙂

Delegate Work Effectively:

Let’s address what “delegate work” really means. It doesn’t mean reallocate all your tasks and decide who is going to do it. It does mean select tasks, which others are better suited. Then ask them to be responsible for completing the task itself. Remembering their job isn’t to be responsible for everything that goes along with it.

When a Business Leader does delegate work it is important to remember that the once delegating is the one ultimately responsible for the work. Yet do not micro-manage the one you gave the task to in the first place!  It’s important to trust, without releasing responsibility, when you delegate work.

The best “Delegate Work” Article I’ve seen recently:

The best article I’ve seen on what to remember while you are delegating your work is: Delegate your work, not your business my Michael Hess on CBS’s Money Watch. I appreciate Michael Hess’s wisdom sharings and encourage you to read his article. Then, adopt it as your own practice 🙂


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