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Celebrating and enjoying your labors on Labor Day

Celebrating and Enjoying Success illustrated by the silhouettes of a two people facing each other on a hammock on a beach at sunset.
Celebrating and Enjoying YOUR Business’s Success is paramount to YOUR Success!

Celebrating and enjoying your labors
on Labor Day

Celebrating is the big theme this weekend – no, wait, maybe it’s enjoying! Why not make it both? If you’ve been a practicing conducting Small Business in a good way there is much to be celebrating – especially an improved Business’s profit margin.

Throughout the year, Small Business Owners are working diligently to support the needs of their businesses. During the summer months, it’s tempting to take a great deal of time off. Yet, we all know that our baby (business) needs our nurturing care. Hopefully you have been able to take some time off this summer to enjoy the beautiful weather and relax. As you know if you’re a regular follower,  we’re great proponents of balancing vacations and breaks with work loads.

A key benefit from taking time off and celebrating

When we take time off, we give our bodies and minds a break from the normal workout we require of them. Our minds really appreciate the calm and different experiences. When we experience new or different things our minds create different pathways of thought. This is very good for you and YOUR Business. It supports your coming up with new ideas to improve systems, create new products and services, think about YOUR Marketplace’s needs differently than you have been. A relaxed mind is an open mind.

Preview for Labor Day’s blogpost

On Labor Day, I’m going to post a Business Movie Review of “St. Vincent”, starring Bill Murray. If you haven’t seen it, it is impressive! Warning: it’s not a family movie if you have young children. Until then, enjoy celebrating and doing something different so you can come back to work refreshed next week – all set to rock the rest of the year!

What will you do relax and celebrate over this long weekend?  (Me, we’ll be cruising on the Harley!) Also, in the comment section let me know what topics you’d like for me to write about!


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p.s. Stress impedes upon an open mind’s potential.

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