October 20


Business Strategy: YOUR Social Media Spaghetti (II)

Are you enjoying your platter of Social Media Spaghetti
or is it confusing you? (Part II)

Let’s continue on from yesterday’s posting… and remembering my disclaimer: In no manner, shape, or form am I a social media expert, AND we over-simplify everything in this blog to assist folks who may be new to the particular information. After all, we focus on everyone having a wildly successful and insanely profitable business 🙂

Hope you had a chance to dig into some of the basics from the “Discovering YOUR Ideal Customer” posting (August 30th) to assist you in determining which platform (service) will work best with YOUR Ideal Customer and your message/s of choice!

The Four Most Common Social Media Tools

Facebook: Tends to have more of a “Personal socializing” aspect to it – much more personal than any other platform. It’s about anything about your life, and make no mistake about it, Facebook (FB) will shut you down if you try to do “business” activities on your FB page (Point blank, it’s for personal things)!

HOWEVER FB realized that it was not addressing one of their customer needs: Business Promotion. So they have created this thing called Fan Pages for you to promote all things business.

FB WARNING: Don’t risk FB’s consequences of mixing business with your personal page!

LinkedIn: This is a cool tool that still continues to gain momentum.  There are two main differences between FB and LinkedIn (LI):

  1. FB is typically used for personal socializing and LI is used for business networking.
  2. FB  users typically focus on gaining a great quantity of “Friends” as opposed to LI building a “trusted” network – not accepting the masses into your inner circle.

These two points are a significant distinction and will help you determine which platform will appropriate hold the information, whether personal or professional, you want to share.

LI, being a business networking tool does have all sorts of networking tools available to you to continue to gain professional exposure. You can virtually associate with whomever you choose. This platform clearly focuses on you selecting who you choose to associate professionally. Personally, I believe it will replace the yellow pages in a couple of years.

Blogs: Just like this one. Blogs come in many shapes and sizes, colors and forms, which the blogger (author) creates for you to “get the experience”. That is, whatever experience the blogger wants you to have. You can subscribe to blogs to keep reading what the writer is sharing. When someone subscribes to a blog they get an update every time you create a new “post” (submission). Blogs allow the subscriber to “get to know you” because you can infuse your personality all over your postings.

Blogs can be personal or professional, casual or professional, and informative or goofy it’s up to the blogger. You can even have different concepts housed under one blog. I have (1) Discovering Business Strategies, (2) Practical Business Resources, and (3) Movie Reviews for Business Strategies all in one blog because if my reader would be interested in any one of these topics they would be interested in the others as well. It’s not like I have a blog that does restaurant review and all the sudden starts creating posts on politics. When you create a blog, stick to your original purpose for creating it in the first place and you will get a nice following.

Twitter: I always laugh when I hear Twitter. Why? I’m The Original Twitter! I had that name since the Summer of 1965 and a whole town knows me as this 🙂  So, I’m sure you can imagine how I was getting my neck all twisted around every time someone said, “Twitter” on TV or at workshops – yikes! Now I’m getting accustom to it 🙂

Twitter is really simple to understand – just think of a micro-blog. Just 140 characters to get a quick message out or set up a tickler so folks click on it to get to your larger message/information that you want them to know about. Even though we have seen commercials about silly personal things showing up on Twitter,  it can be a powerful tool for business.

How do you straighten out all the spaghetti noodles on
your social media marketing platter?

Remember:It is critical to match up your (1) choice of platform/s),(2) type of message you provide, and (3) YOUR Ideal Customer. Have fun being the best match-maker possible 🙂

Look forward to you sharing your comments about how and why you utilize particular social media platforms to enhance your business…

If you or your business needs rescuing on this particular topic
or any other Business Strategies we have been discussing,
please reach out to Maggie (262) 716.7750   FYI: I’m in the Central Time Zone

Blessings of Success to YOU ~
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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