November 18


Business Strategy: When to Let Go

What’s the one area in business that almost everyone sabotages their success?

Do you have a clue? It happens in every business…. you have probably fallen prey to it this week already!

Regardless of your title, be it Business Owner, President, Manager of _____________, or King/Queen of the Universe, you lead the business with the decisions and actions you take, right? I’d like to introduce you to one thing we always need to be reminded of:  Letting Go…sooner!

Yesterday I was with a client who needs to fire someone. This person has been reminded, retrained, and reprimanded. The the boss is sick to his/her stomach because other staff members are complaining as it is impacting their performance. The employee should have been let go a month ago – but management liked this person.

Now the situation has escalated as more is being screwed-up. The boss feels bad with it being the Holiday Season now and__________, and _________, and _________ . If you have had to fire folks you can feel in all the different blanks as to why you feel bad  as you “Let go” this person go for incompetent actions.

Then this happened (which is typical for businesses): All the sudden the conversation became about how to keep this “problemed” person (which is totally awesome and how to focus at the beginning of the performance review process)!

The problem was: this was a problem for the business. Everyone one was focusing on the problem. Everyone was trying to figure out how to make it easy or better for the problem … 

This scenario is a great example of many business lessons:

  1. Give your staff all the training and support they need to do their job well. Then remind, retrain, and reprimand if needed.
  2. If the performance is still lacking, release! That’s right, just let go. The sooner the better for everyone. I know it’s hard, but its true.

I once read something like this: “If you are thinking it might be time to let someone go, fire them immediately. Why? You should have done it at least a month ago! The sooner you can release an employee the better it is for the employee to find something they enjoy and will feel good at accomplishing (no one likes knowing they are performing well) and the sooner the business can get the right talent performing these critical tasks.”

I think this is an awesome way to help discern when it is time to do one of the hardest things a manager will do – release employees.

Let’s hear where you tend to get snagged in this process and why? At remind, retrain, reprimand, or release?

If you or your business needs rescuing on this particular topic
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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
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