October 27


Business Strategy: Customers Love the Little Things

As a customer, are you impressed with the little things?

The past 2 weeks I had been snagged by this cough-cold thing and ended up with laryngitis, which allowed me to experience a Love this little thing” with one of my purchases to sooth my throat. Cough drops were purchased, more specifically Halls cough drops.  I can’t be more specific as to which one of their particular products we bought because both my husband and I had this together and we had a couple of different bags to pull from regardless of where we were in the house.

So here’s the deal: The other day, when I started to feel better, I noticed that there was something written on the individual cough drop wrapper.  Matter in fact, it was something really cool and you will have to check this out for yourself when the need appears!

In the middle of their logo on their wrapping paper, Halls has placed words of encouragement – yep! They have trademarked it as “a pep talking in every drop”. Clever 🙂 Just to give you some idea, here are a couple of their pep talks: Be unstoppable, Nothing you can’t handle, Don’t try harder – do harder, Push on, Don’t give up on yourself, and Elicit a few “wows” today! Now, Halls gets my gold star for having a brilliant strategy of letting their customers know just how much they care. Kudos!

I also had another really cool “little thing” a couple of years ago when I bought a book. The author, who is an authority on this one particular topic was launching his book for an introductory rate. OK, now we all know that this usually means it will be thrown in a box and take forever to be shipped to us, right? Well not this time.  It arrived in two days with a hand written note of gratitude, it was wrapped in beautiful tissue paper, and had a fabulous sticker on it. Well thought out. To this day, when I handle particular book, and it’s often, I treat it with great reverence – just as the day it arrived!

Build your customer’s trust and loyalty, start implementing this today!

Business Strategy for YOU:

1. How many different things can you do to make your customers fall in love with you and your offerings?

2. Which ones can you begin immediately?

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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
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