May 21


Business Strategy: Coaching – Critical to YOUR Success!

YOUR Olympic Gold Medal from the Business Rescue Coach
Go for the Gold!

YOUR Business Rescue Coach asks:
Do YOU perform like an Olympian?
Would YOU like to win a Gold Medal?
Who do you have to keep YOU on task?

 This summer we will be witnessing unimaginable excellence during the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.  Each one of these exceptional athletes has a great support team to get them to the Olympics. Undeniably, the closest relationship each athlete has is with their coach. Why? Their coach is an expert at assisting the athlete to perform at optimum.

An Olympian Coach is the best in their marketplace. Over the last 10 years, television coverage has been giving more viewing time to the Olympic Coaches and their process as they work with their Olympian. I have always found this relationship most fascinating! It is a very intimate relationship with the Coach knowing every aspect of their potential Olympian.

The Olympian has explicit trust in their Coach to give them everything they need to be successful. The Olympian Coach, in return, asks and insists that the Olympian gives their best – daily. The Coach will first take their new prospectus and learn everything their new athlete is capable of doing, assess their prior training, and learn what is their natural gift versus what has been adopted to bring forth performance.

Then the Coach begins training; typically by first retraining all the bad habits their potential Olympian has already acquired. You see, a good Coach taught them enough to get them to this point, but the Best Coach will break that all down and help them learn the best techniques to be winning Champion. Of course this can be a bit frustrating at times as it is going against other habitual physical training and mindset. But the Best, Olympian, Coach knows that the frustrations will be worth it because the desire, commitment, dedication, and motivation will become the catalyst to transform the potential Olympian’s performance  until they are perfected in technique and (self) inspired to consistently perform at optimum.

Fast forward to how this applies to you, as a Brilliant Business Owner OR Top Management Team Members: often you can become blinded by your passion and/or your calling to serve that you don’t take the time to make sure you have some fundamental key elements in place first!

Note: All Coaches are NOT created equally! Find the one who can serve your needs best!

The Best Coach will guide and assist you to do all those things that just aren’t natural to you,
but must be done – well and consistently.

A good Coach will help you. The Best Coach will give you the tools you need, whether you know it or not, then teach you how to have them work for you. A good Coach will motivate you. The Best Coach will help you ignite your own spark so you are in-spired at all times. The Best Coach will keep working at the subtle nuances that you don’t even know exist. There is a significant difference amongst Coaches, make sure you speak with several before you engage with one.

If you really want to get the best ROI on YOUR Coaching Investment…

Remember: every time you meet with the Best Coach,
they should be taking the chance of getting fired by you because
they will hold you feet to the fire just enough, which will take you to
new heights, uncomfortable growing edges, and enormous success!

YOUR Business Rescue Coach Asks YOU:

  1. Where do you need more assistance?
  2. Where do you need/want to be stronger in your business ? What do you want to make happen?
  3. I guarantee you with the Best Coach you can do it more powerfully, swiftly, and profitably 🙂
  4. Do you want to be an Olympian in YOUR Marketplace?

If you or your business needs rescuing on this particular topic
or any other Business Strategies we have been discussing,
please reach out to Maggie (262) 716.7750   FYI: I’m in the Central Time Zone

Blessings of Success to YOU ~
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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