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Business Strategies and Tips for June 3-7, 2013

Maggie’s 5 Business Strategies & Tips for Next Week!

Have you ever wondered which business strategies and tips you should be focusing on? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every Friday you could have 5 ideas to improve your business next week? Well you don’t need to wait any longer! Now you have a brilliant Business Strategist come to you each Friday with 5 Tips to improve your business’s success.

Every Friday, now my non-Twitter followers can have the same competitive advantage for YOUR business strategies, even without tweeting capabilities 🙂 Each Friday I will share 5 business strategies or tips from one of this century’s greatest business advisers, Stephen R. Covey, and me as YOUR Executive Mentor Coach, formerly know as Business Rescue Coach, sharing how to apply this wisdom to your business. I suggest you print out the list and take action to assist you and your business’s performance 🙂


Top 10 Business Strategies to Ponder & Act Upon:

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Performance Checklist for Business Strategies


Stephen R. Covey: People are harder working than ever, but because they lack clarity and vision, they aren’t getting very far.

Maggie’s Inquiry: When starting a project do you begin with the vision in mind and share it with others?


Stephen R. Covey: People simply feel better about themselves when they are good at something.

Maggie’s Inquiry: Success breeds success. Do you and your team practice successful tasks and activities?


Stephen R. Covey: Live, love, laugh, leave a legacy.

Maggie’s Inquiry: Are you toiling or creating? Disgruntle or happy? Only you can make this change.


Stephen R. Covey: Even humans and systems have a natural process of growth and development.

Maggie’s Inquiry: There is a natural process to everything. Start at the beginning and support growth to assure favorable outcomes.


Stephen R. Covey: There is no quick fix to chronic problems.

Maggie’s Inquiry: Whatever indicates a chronic problem is not the root of it. Dig deep until you find the root cause. Then correct it.



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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Executive Mentor Coach, formerly Business Rescue Coach
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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    1. If I may suggest, just print them up on Friday when they are posted and you have something to work with for the following week… staring at you to keep you focused on creating a Brilliant Business (c). Blessings to you!

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