August 3


Business Rescue Coach’s Self Discovery: Self-Confidence Build Success

Have you every met someone who was talented but gets nervous or even shuts down when they need to speak about themselves? Today I met a young man, I haven’t seen in years. He works for a retail outlet, finished his degree, and told me that he gets nervous when he interviews… yes, hi Ben 🙂  Here’s the good news, you are not alone Ben.  Many people could benefit from a self-confidence booster shot! Let’s remove your social kryptonite 🙂

Often times we have a really great thing to share with others but don’t know what to say… ever been at that party with the awkward introduction with dead silence afterward? We all have been there! So, I’d like to ask you one very important question? What message do you carry for others to hear?

Each one of us has a message that needs to be shared… come on, dig deep, what’s the one thing that is totally awesome about you or what you are passionate about that everyone needs to know? Think hard – what’s the one thing that could be announced for the whole world to know about you and your passion, your hobby, your career, your unique talents, or your business?

Business Rescue Coach’s Self-Discovery:
1. It is more important for me to share my message than for me to care what other people think about me and my message.
2. My message/s is cool. I’m not so bad either!
3. I’m not ashamed, nor afraid to tell anyone the game I am playing.

Questions for YOU:
1. What message do you hold that is aching to be expressed?
2. Does it really matter what others think of your message (well, don’t apply an interviewing circumstance to this)?
3. If you are interested in winning the self-confidence game, reach out to someone right now and share your message with them- even if they are a friend.  Alright, please share with us in the comment section what your message is… let’s see what you got!

If you or your business needs rescuing on this particular topic
or any other Strategies we have been discussing,
please reach out to Maggie (262) 716.7750   FYI: I’m in the Central Time Zone

Blessings of Success to YOU ~
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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  1. Well, I have been reading all about your Transformation Maggie and wish to share with you. I seem to be going through my own metamorphisis!

    I was thinking about my message and what my main message is. It appears to have shifted and changed but then still stayed the same. I just described different parts of it….I see that NOW. My main message it that I help people connect with their Inner Guidance. I do it in different ways, and I think that is why I have been confused. The bottom line of my products and services is that they all lead to the same thing….connecting with your Divine Guidance.

    I think sometimes it is easier for our friends to tell us what we do……hahahahaa
    When we use our gifts and talents naturally, we can’t see that they are gifts and talents. Sometimes it takes a friend to point it out.

    Thanks for letting me share…blessings, Barbara Marie
    P.S. I can’t wait to get my website changed to really convey what I do and how I do it~!

    1. Hello Barbara Marie! Congratulations-sounds like you are gaining some great awareness as to who you are and what service you offer humanity! I heard something this week that is close to what you were expressing… “A caterpillar’s metamorphosis is so extreme that it isn’t even recognizable as it morphs into a butterfly; yet, its DNA has not changed”. Hope you stay with the process because I am curious what color wings you have chosen for yourself 🙂 Blessings of new ways for new results!~m

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