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Don’t wait: Immediately apply new techniques for better results

Apply new techniques illustrated by a computerized message window stating
Don’t wait any longer – Apply new techniques to your business and watch it soar!

Don’t wait: Immediately apply
new techniques for better results

Apply new techniques for better results… what? Yes! I know you already know this. What if you did this each week with all the continuous training you’re learning to build a successful business? Think about how swiftly YOUR Business Performance would improve!

Seems pretty simple doesn’t it? Apply new techniques for better results. Heck, I know you want to do it too. But why does it get brushed aside? Especially when you know it is a good thing to apply and ultimately boost YOUR Business?

Do you know what you need to boost YOUR Business? I bet you already know the variables that are missing in YOUR Business. I even bet that you already have most of this knowledge. Crazy Moment Alert: you simply haven’t taken the time to implement it yet.

So this is one of those crazy moments Business Owners have…
Are you ready?

  • You were smart enough to know what you needed to grow YOUR Business.
  • You even found the right teacher/coach/trainer/program.
  • You learned what you needed to do.
  • You know why you need to do it.
  • You paid to learn how to do it.

It’s not always easy to apply new techniques

Yet, it’s still not implemented. Thus, this learning you took was a waste of resources: time, money, and ??? Why? Because you didn’t make it a priority to apply new techniques – the ones you already know you need to be more successful, into YOUR Business. Then after a while, you feel unsuccessful. Why? Lack to apply new techniques.

Worse yet, because you feel unsuccessful, you flounder and don’t implement the new techniques. Then one day you build up your gumption to learn something else you need. But guess what? You do the exact same thing. Again. Still not applying any new techniques which can improve YOUR Businesses profitability. What?

Yes, we don’t apply new techniques we’ve paid to learn. Crazy? Isn’t it? So there is absolutely no confusion I will confirm: Yes, this is crazy!

3 Tips to Apply New Techniques:

  1. As soon as you learn something, practice, or implement it immediately!*
  2. Practice what you’ve just learned over and over until you become efficient at it.
  3. Each week “reserve” a special time to apply new techniques and anything else new.

*NOTE: The research says it’s important to implement something within 14 days of learning it. After 14 days, your recall isn’t as strong.

My favorite is applying 1 and 2 as soon as possible. If all else fails I have a bigger reserved time block on a dedicated day of the week for implementing all sorts of new and wonderful things. Why? It works! When will you pick yours to be?

What new technique can you implement immediately to boost YOUR Business Performance? What gain will this provide you and YOUR Business? Comment and I will reply.


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p.s. Applying new techniques can make or break YOUR Business. Don’t hesitate to implement immediately!

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