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Agility is required for business growth

women demonstrating agility by an extended backward yoga pose
Do you have agility as an essential capability to have your business shine?

Agility is required for
business growth

Agility is fancy word for being nimble a colleague once told me. Let’s keep this oversimplified and work with being agile and being nimble synonymous for practical purposes.

As the year is winding  down, I’m starting to get messages from friends, family, and colleagues about how their year played out. This had me thinking about my year as well.

I noticed how we all have personal and professional accomplishments. I believe, as Small Business Owners, these two impact one another and the Success Rate of our Business’s Performance.

FYI: This is a no judgment zone blogpost. Sometimes the little things stop us and at other times we can move through significant obstacles as if nothing happened. It doesn’t matter. What matter is you recognizing how agile you can be.

Agility is essential for business success

Being agile means you can flex, adapt, and/or pivot as needed. Is this one of your strengths?

We adapt equally for both positive and negative circumstances. Heck, even success requires us to unexpectedly pivot. I heard/read many say they had a year that required more than normal and some point blank said they struggled like never before. Yet, here we are!

Being flexible is one of my capabilities I attribute much of my success to – without it, I’d be sad and super frustrated. Each quarter this year I had significant challenges to overcome. This was a monumental year of achievement, but it wasn’t smooth sailing at all! There’s still plenty of debris to clean up from each of those struggles.

Am I grateful for each situation? Yes! Do I wish it could’ve been different? Yes! And yet, here I am… just like you!

If you’re interested in observing agility in action, read our Business Movie Review here: Jingle All the Way  It’s a great movie and every parent will be able to relate at one point or another!

Agility Action Item:

Make a list of times throughout the year you were able to flex to whatever was required of you. I imagine it’s more than you initially think. Being agile is an asset.

Find ways to develop this capability even more over the next year and you’ll be amazed what you’re able to navigate!

TIP: Create cushion on your calendar to deal with the blips that require your attention.

What’s the one that’s holding you back from dreaming bigger for 2019?

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