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7 Steps to Create Your 2018 Business Success Plan

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Start creating YOUR 2018 Business Success Plan with these 7 Steps!

7 Steps to Create Your 2018
Business Success Plan

Have you created YOUR 2018 Business Success Plan yet? If you haven’t yet, don’t worry! You still have time.

We plan ahead for how we’ll experience a weekend, holiday, and even a vacation. Why would we leave that to chance?

Yet, most Small Business Owners (SBOs) won’t begin their 2018 Business Success Plan until 2018 arrives. Of course that is, if they even create their business success plan for the new year.

Good leaders know the direction and destination they’re guiding their team or business to amplify success. Do you?

When should Small Business Owners create next year’s plan?

When should you IDEALLY have next year’s Business Success Plan completed?

October 1st is the ideal date to have this plan created. Why? It gives you time to settle into the next year’s success mindset. Additionally, it provides you with the extra juice to move into the 4th Quarter of this year more confidently and excited about what’s coming up next.  

Of course this means those emotional highs you have from these fresh new goals will help carry you through the rest of this year. Isn’t this a great bonus?

Additionally, you’ll have time to envision and prepare for this new way of being to support YOUR Business’s needs/requirements.

7 Key Steps to develop YOUR 2018 Business Success Plan

  1. Refine how you want to show-up in YOUR Marketplace. Is it the same or do you want to pivot?
  2. Review and clarify YOUR Ideal Customer. Make a new profile with the wisdom you learned this year. 
  3. Revamp YOUR Marketing Message. Freshen it up!
  4. Determine YOUR Sales Goals and find a sales coach to help you improve your closing rate.
  5. Go through YOUR Customer’s Process, or experience, as if you’re a customer and improve it.
  6. Automate as much of YOUR Support Activities as possible. Develop and implement this in stages – not all at once.
  7. Create YOUR Referral System or process.

If you take the time to do these 7 Steps, you’ll have a solid plan to put into place for next year to be a successful year. 

BONUS: You’ll be thrilled at how easy it is to routinely conduct business with more peace and less effort!

TIP: Keep in mind this isn’t an end-all list. There’s more to be considered; however, most SBOs don’t take the time to think about these points. 

NOTE: If you haven’t created YOUR 2018 Business Success Plan yet, there’s still time to do this effectively!

Start by creating a 2 hour appointment on your calendar with yourself this week to begin the process of planning. Also, do the same for next week. Last open your calendar to September 2018 and create an appointment or two for creating 2019’s Business Success Plan.   


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