February 19


Passion moves you beyond surviving

 Passion moves you beyond surviving

Do you feel like you are in survival mode?
Is your business or career surviving or thriving?
Are you looking to thrive?

Passion is what drives us – if we allow it to. During the month of February, passion is a hot (pardon the pun) topic! When it is a Winter Olympics year, it is even hotter 🙂 I’ve been noticing more passion conversations showing up everywhere as more people step into revealing their passions with the world via social media.

The world's passion lit up by 2014 Winter Olympic Torch by pennlive.com via Maggie Mongan, Business Rescue Coach of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.
The world’s passion lit up by 2014 Winter Olympic Torch by pennlive.com

Living YOUR Passion Moves You

When was the last time you were passionate about something? You know, when you really found something that warmed you heart and you were excited to get engaged in/to/with? (Remember, we aren’t talking the romantic passion even though that question sure sounded like it!) Perhaps another way to look at it is pondering the question,  “What enthuses you?”

For me, it is trying new things – within reason of course! I love living life enthusiastically so this past year’s recovery from the motorcycle crash was a real bummer. So now that I’m capable to do more, I’m fulling engaging is some household projects and exploring all sorts of business adventures again. All this feels good to me and it makes everything move more effortlessly.

If you’re curious and want to dabble with this just a little bit more…
Click here to read what happens when Passion calls you 🙂

Is YOUR Career Surviving or Thriving?

Business Leaders, yes that includes employees of all levels and entrepreneurs, your career is alive. Now the question is, “Is it a thriving career or surviving career?” OK, I admit that sometimes our professional development is on the threshold of these two. As Business Leaders, we should always be aware of which one of these 3 phases your career is in right now. Which one is it for you?

  1. Survival: You are “just hanging in there” … not sure how to make it happen.
    Pros: Everything is a possibility. Your career is yours to create.
    Cons: You are confused at all the possibilities waiting for you. Not quite sure how to figure out what is best for you. Don’t know which next steps will produce results.
  2. Thrival: You are doing well. Making impact.
    Pros: You “made it”. You are acknowledged for your accomplishments. You appreciate your journey.
    Cons: You want to simplify. Recently, your own development hasn’t been a priority. You may be bored and looking for new opportunities and adventures. You want to focus on developing what you want your legend or legacy to become. You tend to have only a few close friends.
  3. Threshold: It’s time for a change. You know your value and your brilliance. You want to contribute in a grander manner.
    Pros: You want to create something new. A fresh experience speaks to your soul. You seek an opportunity to merge your passion with purpose utilizing all the skills you have developed and want to live into more of your potential.
    Cons: You have many options to choose from to live out your dream. Clarity to do something new is evident but identifying it may not be. You may not know how to proceed. You may need someone to guide you through a process to lead you into a new career.

Guess what? We are always moving through these different phases of professional development. They are not linear at all. Don’t worry, each phase is very powerful onto it’s own. Each phase provides a spring board for what you do next!

Passion Success Story: When our son told me he was leaving college to move to Italy about 8 years ago it felt like a setback. Yet, his European experiences were paramount to the dynamo he has become today! In 2 months he will be graduating from Juilliard with his Master Degree. He is a flutist. The other day I was googling something and the first link that came up was Juilliard being mentioned in the NY Times. I clicked on it to see what was going on. Out loud I gasped…. Surprise! Click here to see  the article: It was a review of a performance and my son was the soloist in the picture, with a comment about his passionate and deft performance. Never once did we ask him to practice – his passion required him to do so! Talk about knowing your passion 🙂 We’re so proud of you son!

Your Business Rescue Coach wants to know: How are you allowing your passion to accelerate your career? Please share in the comment section so we can learn from each others best practices. AND…

If you would like to talk about which phase you are in and how I might be able to assist you,
please feel free to call 262-716-7750 (central time) or provide your contact info in the comments section.
I will be happy to offer you a no-cost consultation – just reach out!

Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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  1. Which phase is Maggie in right now? I’m in Theshold after being in Thrival for the past several years. So you can pretty much guess that I’m about to springboard into something really awesome. Definitely not sure of all the particulars, but I know it will be great!

  2. I am thriving; even as I write this I am getting ready for student tonight as I teach my Level 1 Psychic Dev class. I’m starting to look at Level 2. This weekend I have a small group coming to my Divine Guidance Team channeling event which I’m looking forward to. I love bringing in the Divine and Spiritual Masters so they can help others.

    I’ve also launched a few new videos and am working on another. I love this type of work and I love how I am able to serve others!

    Passionately Yours,
    Blake Cahoon
    Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being

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